Contesting candidates for Secretary seat share similar visions

By Azimah Zainal

GOMBAK, 9 December 2021 – The AHAS KIRKHS election continued with a live broadcast of manifesto debate for the Secretary seat between Nazratul Huda and Nazeeha Ixora on the IIUMtv YouTube channel, Tuesday (7 December).

The manifesto debate began with candidate 01 Nazratul Huda from the Department of Arabic Language and Literature by sharing her first manifesto in providing assistance for students for their subject registration and study plan.

She expressed her concerns on the new intake students especially the direct intake and international students who are mostly clueless during the academic schedule pre-registration period and about their courses study plan.

“They did not understand much about the subject of their courses and did not have knowledge in organising study plans throughout the year,” she claimed.

In realising this manifesto, Huda shared her mechanism to gather 10 secretariats of AHAS KIRKHS to work together in discussing the guidelines and hold 10 separate talks pertaining to the study plan for each department.

For the second manifesto, Huda plans to provide assistance for students to fully utilise the benefits and utilities provided by IIUM for the students.

She highlighted the 3 utilities that are often unknown to the students and need to be further assisted. The first one is the utility provided through Student’s Portal, i-Ma’luum that has direct contact with Counseling and Career Services Center (CCSC), the second one is the live IIUM email for access to various applications, and lastly the library utility.

“The existing library skill classes prioritise the first year first semester students and some students tend to miss out on this opportunity due to its online nature,” she said.

Huda continues “Our Kulliyyah, AHAS KIRKHS students require a lot of resources for their research, and reading materials, thus, not utilising the library will be a total waste.”

The manifesto debate continued with contestant 02 Nazeeha Ixora from the Department of English Language and Literature presentation on her manifestos.

Ixora expressed her concerns about the lack of official updates or news on changes made regarding their course’s study plan.

“There are no official statements on revision, changes, or details on the items listed in our study plan and most students seek assistance from senior acquaintances for help,” she stated in her manifesto.

In assisting the students, Ixora plans to establish an official study plan briefing for undergraduate freshmen with two divided sessions which are university-required courses and department courses.

For her second manifesto, she aimed to improvise the existing welfare intellectual services that would support the students’ well-being.

She began by stating the improvement that can be made on the past welfare programme and services provided by the previous AHAS KIRKHS tenure, which are academic helpdesk and IKRHS confession services, by providing more live sessions and frequent assistance for the students.

Ixora emphasised enhancing the confidentiality and anonymity of the students who are trying to reach out to them.

“I believe it is important that we provide a space in which the students could protect their confidentiality as the current IKRHS website required them to put their phone number in which lessened the anonymity”, she stated.

With centralised concerns and visions in assisting students in their study plan and welfare services as the highlight of the manifesto debate, both contestants are looking forward to realise these visions for the betterment of the students.

The live broadcast of the AHAS IKRHS manifesto debate for the secretary seat ended before 9.30 p.m. and gathered more than 100 views at the end of the day.

All human sciences students are advised to perform their responsibility by casting their vote for the AHAS KIRKHS Election that will be held on 9 December (Thursday) through IRKHS’s social media accounts, telegram channel, and respective secretariat’s social media accounts.***

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