Networking with corporate leaders and organisations valuable for Interns

By Nur Sa’adah Batrisyia and Sharifah Nur Fatimah Alhadi

GOMBAK, 12 November 2021: One of the problems with extracurricular activities at local university level is the lack of employability programmes that could contribute to the students’ future career, a webinar titled ‘EQ at Work: Managing Professional Relationships’ was told yesterday (11 November).

Mr. Koh Mui Han, who is a principal consultant at ChangeDynamics Consulting, stated that universities did spend quite a significant amount of budget on graduate employability, yet the number of unemployed graduates is rather upsetting. 

He emphasised that three out of ten graduates would be unemployed, hence some resorted to search for an alternative career such as a Grab rider. This staggering number was caused by an abundant number of graduates produced by public universities, private universities, polytechnics, and community colleges.

To solve this graduate employability concern, he proposed that university students enhance their networking skills by conducting events involving corporate people such as those in Government-linked companies (GLC). 

Students can also personally contact hiring managers through LinkedIn to market themselves and manage their professional relationships.

“By keeping in touch with a hiring manager, you will get more professional and matured in handling conversation,” he said acknowledging that the number of graduates taking this advice is pretty low. 

While most interns are expected to perform well when undergoing an internship programme, it is also important to expose oneself to the applied knowledge of a corporate organisation. 

He insisted that internship students to not solely rely on tasks given by employers but to fully understand the practical knowledge of a corporate organisation. This could be done by courageously asking business jargon-related questions to view how this term was applied in real-life settings. 

For undergraduate students who want to enhance corporate or business maturity for better employability, they are encouraged to join mentoring sessions with experienced corporate professionals, managers, and business owners.

This mentoring session will be held every Friday except on public holidays. For more information, do refer to this LinkedIn profile account.

“EQ at Work: Managing Professional Relationships” was organised by Group 2 from Practical Training Class (COMM 4995) Section 2.

Koh Mui Han has 20 years of experience as a management consultant. He has vast experience in dealing with undergraduate students and business leaders. ***

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