Adults’ duty to show concern to problems faced by youth

By Aneesah Ishak

GOMBAK, 24 October 2021: Youth can be exposed to social problems if they are not nurtured with good morals from childhood which could lead them to become vulnerable.

Thus, a webinar Speaking Eye to Eye titled “Helping vulnerable youth thrive” was held on Saturday (23 October) by Inspire Club with the aim to give exposure regarding vulnerable youth, how it could happen, as well as to help them to face the situation.

The invited speaker were Madam Rosmawati Binti Zainal, the CEO of Raudhatus Sakinah, and Mohammad Rizan Hassan, the founder of Projek Belia Mahir.

Madam Rosmawati shared that most of the vulnerable youth who seek help from her were usually from dysfunctional families whereby the parents were divorced or whose parents failed to play their role in the family.

“There are parents who do not care about their children and do not portray good morals that should be a lesson for their children to follow. For instance, the parents used crude language and immoral actions,” she said.

Madam Rosmawati said that parents play an important role towards youth development. At that age, youth need someone who cares for them and is there for them when they are in need.

Hence, youth could turn into vulnerable if those elements are not present in the household as they are still young and need their parents’ guidance. In the end, they will find someone else who they can share their problem with.

“The youth are still immature and they want someone to listen to their stories and problems. Without the existence of parents’ help, they usually will find someone through social media and dating applications. However, it brings negative consequences,” she added.

The youth are easily influenced by those in social media and dating applications as they are usually being offered with money. It turns out that it was the predators who wanted to take advantage of these youths.

Mohammad Rizan Hassan believed this is the cause of the lack of adult role in our society. No advantage will be taken towards youth if every adult acts as an adult who cares for the youth.

“The adults in our society need to act as mentors who can be trusted among youth, especially vulnerable youth as they are at the age that need someone since they are vulnerable and need help,” he said.

“Vulnerable youth need more mentors than leaders, the vulnerable youth need someone that puts trust in them since they did not grow up in a good surrounding,” he added. 

“However, we can see nowadays many young people do not trust adults because adults or those who are experienced always punish, demean and do not recognise talents of young people. Thus, it is hard to help them since they have no one to lean on and to look up to someone,” he further explained. 

He advised the adults need to be someone who can listen to the youth and exhibit good morals. It is important for the adult to help and be his or her good friend instead of ignoring and looking down upon them.

At the end of the webinar, Madam Rosmawati told the audience to not be a  judgmental person. We need to understand the history that they went through and just listen well to calm their emotions.

This webinar session was conducted live on YouTube with 309 viewers among IIUM and non-IIUM participants. Those who are interested in this session can go through their YouTube platform at Inspire Club.***

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