“The Kite Runner”: A Review

By Amir Azmir

“For you, a thousand times over,” -Hassan-

I remember noticing the book lying there on our bookshelf and grabbing it just to read a few pages out of boredom. I found myself being so captivated by the first few pages and before I knew it, I couldn’t let it go.

My heart turned and turned as my eyes shift through the words, constantly at awe by the way the plot was beautifully crafted. I could see the world in the eyes of Amir, the main character.

 In my opinion, the book titled “The Kite Runner” went from good to great and ended somewhere in between. This is the kind of book that still makes you think about it long after you have finished reading it.

The author, Khaled Hosseini tells the story so brilliantly that it leaves the reader in a cycle of grinning and breaking into tears. 

And it makes you feel so sorry for Hassan, the Hazara whose life of unrequited royalty drifted away with the wind like the kites that he used to run and fetch for his Amir Agha.

I felt like I was the main character of the book, going through the events one by one with all the mixed emotions that follow. Guilt, love, regret, anger.

I smiled frequently and honestly cried a bit at the plot, regularly flipping to the page where there’s the author’s face and thinking how can he be smiling so humbly and casually as if he didn’t write a story that’s so haunting and powerful.

I think his ideas for the story were profound because it was mostly influenced by his own personal experience. I listened to some of his interviews online and it turns out that his backstory was similar to what was mentioned in the book. So maybe that’s it, then. Experience is a rich thing to have and it can absolutely help in coming up with ideas to write.

I don’t read fiction that much and am not a fan of most fiction books that I’ve read. But somehow, Khaled Hosseini managed to get me engaged with his first-ever written novel that sold millions of copies worldwide and made me attached to it even after I finished reading the pages. 

His other books are “A Thousand Splendid Suns, And The Mountains Echoed” and “Sea Prayer”.***

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