KOED students produce ‘Kami Guru Malaysia’ video with lyrics in “Jawi”

By Nur Sa’adah Batrisyia

GOMBAK, 17 May 2020: To mark Teacher’s Day yesterday (16 May), IIUM’s Che’ Gu TV along with Third-Thirteen Studio released a video titled Kami Guru Malaysia to show gratitude to teachers for their undivided contributions in educating the students to lead a flourishing life.

The uniqueness of this video lies in the lyrics which are written in jawi, taking inspiration from local singer Naim Daniel’s song Sembah. 

With the aim to glorify jawi as part of Malay culture, its producer Muhammad Naqib hoped that the initiative taken by the Kulliyyah of Education (KOED) would encourage IIUM students to be proud of the university’s identity. 

Muhammad Naqib shared his journey and excitement as all the 12 singers who participated in this project are IIUM students. The song’s composer, Khairul Adlan, a KOED student, is also a composer for Third-Thirteen studio. The journey to produce this masterpiece began at the end of last year. 

In response to students who have forgotten their roots in achieving success, Muhammad Naqib expressed his regret. “Even though I am still undergoing training to be a teacher, this ignorant behaviour should not come into educational context as teachers have sacrificed a lot to ensure students walk a flowery path in this world,” he said.

At a time when many parents over pampered their kids and blamed the educators for doing their job, Muhammad Naqib said teachers have been encouraged to take it in good spirit, and should not feel emotional as such criticism might help teachers to improve on their skills.

The video produced by the group can be accessed through the following link: https://youtu.be/Zev6S9opaSg

It made its appearance at the end of TV3’s Buletin Utama yesterday. ***

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