Kill boredom by following these easy and fun activities

By Nur Sa’adah Batrisyia

As the COVID-19 virus spread out to all regions in Malaysia, the government has urged citizens to practice social distancing for two weeks to help flatten the epidemic curve of infection rates.

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”
― Émile Zola, The Ladies’ Paradise

Staying at home for two weeks might seem like a big deal for a social butterfly, but, a golden opportunity for somebody to lock themselves from any human interaction while slouching on the couch eating chips and watching the latest anime episodes.

Here are 6 suggestions on what you can do to pass the times:

Feed your sweet tooth by baking.

Fill your stomach with all the irresistible cakes, cookies and pastries you have been craving for. Well, since you can’t go to your favorite bakery store, why not start making it? You might burn one or two cakes but that is totally fine! At least you can say you have tried. On a side note, be careful not to suffer from food poisoning from eating inedible baking failures.

Express your creativity by decorating your room.

This may sound like what a typical Asian mom would say, but clean your room. Decorate your room to give more lively and artistic vibes. Instead of having dreary, gloomy, funeral-like rooms and feeling reluctant when inviting friends over, you can begin design your little own space with your own creativity. This is the perfect time to snap the results of your creative process and boast to your friends!

Play board games!

The ideal period to spend quality time and strengthen the bonding with your family members. Choose any board games from monopoly, jenga, scrabble, Uno to adventurous and tricky games such as Battleship and chess. You would not realise the time flies as you engross yourselves with the excitement of playing board games. Plus, traditional and antique games are legend they say.

Record your own TikTok videos.

Install TikTok and do crazy challenge with your family members. Of course not to the extent of harming yourself and others’ well-being. Start with simple and fun TikTok challenge such as making Dalgona coffee with fluffy whipped coffee cream on top of sweet and cold milk. If you are daring and have a thick skin, perhaps you can join doing the dance challenges – ‘Any Song’ challenge for example. Ignore all the tease you might get from your friends and let’s have fun!

Take a sip of the trending Dalgona Coffee

Clear your mind with Yoga.

Wanted to divert your attention and pacify yourself in time of this hectic and chaotic moment? Thus, silence your phone, lock your room and grab a yoga mat (or anything you can use to replace yoga mat) while you turn on soft-delightful music. Not only it will refine your flexibility and balance, also releasing the tension and ease your minds. For beginners, you can begin by watching the tutorial on YouTube videos to get a clear picture for every yoga pose

Ted Talk videos to enrich your knowledge.

At the end of the day, you need something to feed your mind with knowledge and watching Ted Talk videos is the brilliant idea. Let’s be honest, a single video only takes up to 3 to 5 minutes and watching it may look like you are wasting times but all Ted Talk videos are beneficial-informative-inspirational-helpful to expand your knowledge and get to know about current issues. Sounds nerd but as you explore the fun part of watching Ted Talk videos, you would crave for more.

More important than that, occupy your leisure time wisely and obey the authorities by staying at home. ***

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