Bizarre Ramadhan Bazaar

By Shazni Ong

With the start of the fasting month, we would soon see the spring up of  Ramadhan Bazaar at various locations and towns in the whole country.  This is a once in a year phenomenal event where we get to see not only Malaysians but also foreigners or tourists coming to flock the bazaar to buy the different kinds of food.

This is no ordinary food fair or fiesta, or even like the ‘pasar malam’ (night market). No, no, no. This is probably the best time and place to search for authentic Malay delicacies such as those that originated from the north and east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia.

Rows and groups of canopied and portable stalls located throughout designated locations, this sort business during Ramadhan has considerably become an annual attraction especially for the food lovers and hunters, thanks to the amazing variety of food and drinks available in our society.

The Ramadhan Bazaar opens everyday from around 4p.m onwards up until the late evening but only throughout the fasting month.

So, here are some of my top delicacies suggestion that you might want to have a go at it, especially to all tourists and foreigners who are in Malaysia during this holy month of Ramadhan.

Bubur lambuk: A type of rice gruel that is made with coconut milk, dried shrimps, ginger and onions (just to name a few),  accompanied with some beef and/or chicken. The bubur lambuk in Masjid Jamek’s Kampung Baru is arguably the best of them all and is highly sought after. The porridge is prepared and distributed freely by the volunteers. (bear in mind the long que)

blambuk 1

Ayam percik: A well-known delicacies in the east coast, the chicken is marinated continuously and grilled under in preserving the moisture of the meat itself. The result of it is a tender, juicy chicken and with some specially made sauce to dip in it, makes a good old fashioned mouth watering food that is surely one not to miss out.  Not to forget with the pleasant smell of it too!


Ayam golek: In direct translation is ‘rolling chicken’ whereby the chicken is rolled slowly over the fire many times up until it is ready to be served to the customers whereby it is sold hot. The meat is soft and juicy even for the thick part such as the breasts. The combination taste of honey and the aroma of the lemon grass  from the marinated chicken produced makes it just even better.


Kebab cucuk: This pan fried skewers of either beef or chicken, with a couple of vegetables such as onions and capsicums cooked along, it is best served and eaten hot. Not to forget with the smell of the aroma from the meat and the vegetables produced when it is cooked, surely the temptation of you buying it will be tested!295504_625494330800412_262499331_n

Ikan bakar: Although the grilled fish is widely available throughout the year, it is one of those delicacies that certainly can attract the attention especially for the fishy lovers! Plenty of fishes to choose from (either from saltwater or freshwater fishes) but the common ones include string rays and cencaru as well as catfish and red tilapia. Accompanied by some special sauce such as the “sambal belacan” or the combination of sliced onions and chillies, surely you don’t want to miss out in having a go at it.


Other food and delicacies that will be available as well are namely murtabak, nasi beriyani, roti bom, roti jala, nasi tomato ayam masak merah, barbeque chicken wings, cendol, gulai kawah, laksa, apam balik and many more to choose from! Just make sure you have the money to pay all the food you ordered.

We, from IIUMToday, would like to wish all Muslims “Happy Fasting” during this holy month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

May everyone have a prosperous fasting and may Allah bless those who do it well.

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