President of IRKHSSS, Bro. Mohamad Ika Danial 'Abdullah giving his speech on IRKHSSS AGM 2019 Photographer: Muhammad Nazmi Bin Ahmad Shukhairi of IRKHSSS

IRKHS student’s societies move towards better practice of democracy

By Azimah Zainal

GOMBAK, 30 November 2019: Leaving the previous practices of interview and ‘syura’ behind, the Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Student’s Society (IRKHSSS) had introduced a electoral system based on the new amendment of the constitution in selecting future student leaders of 2020 at their 5th Annual General Meeting yesterday (29 November).

The proposed system received an absolute agreement after nine out of nine votes were cast by the chairpersons of the IKRHS secretariats which makes it move towards establishing its first Kuliyyah-level election.

One of the chairpersons of IRKHS secretariat casting his votes on the new amendment constitution of electoral system.
(Picture by Muhammad Nazmi Bin Ahmad Shukhairi of IRKHSSS)

The meeting was attended by the President of IRKHS Students’ Society (IRKHSSS), IIUM Student Union, Student Representative Council (SRC), Chairpersons of IRKHS Secretariats, Main Board members, and Board of Directors of IKRHSSS as well as Exco members.

Presented at the meeting as well were the Deputy Dean of Student Development & Community Engagement of IIUM, Assistant Professor Dr. Mohd Noh Abd Jalil and Advisor of IRKHSSS, Assistant Professor Dr. Majdun bin Alias.

In his opening speech, the Deputy Dean shares his hopes to see the student’s participation in this democratic process in casting their votes on the election. He also had an advance target that it should be more than 50% of students who vote.

The decision to finally start to perform an election where the students will be giving the right and trust to vote of their Kuliyyah’s leaders that they were not being done abruptly by the students’ society alone.

The President of IRKHSSS, Mohamad Ika Danial bin ‘Abdullah said that the final decision of using the electoral system was made through shared governance between student leaders and the administrator

He went on to emphasises that the new amendment to the constitution had actually been passed by all the secretariats after several meetings with the Deputy Dean before and one of the meetings was also attended by the Dean of IRKHS, Associate Professor Dr. Syukran Abd Rahman.

“Election can enhance the empowerment and the legitimacy of IRKHSSS to function and conduct effectively and efficiently” the President added.

The new amendment of the constitution will be signed by the chairpersons of the secretariat with the official announcement by the Dean of IRKHS and also Deputy Dean of Student (Development & Community Engagement), IIUM.

In conjunction with the preparation of the upcoming election that is going to take place in February 2020, the IRKHSSS had introduced the Caretaker Line-Up to hold the office until the election period. ***

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