Al Wa’yu discourse calls to raise awareness on sufferings of Palestinians

By Hakim Mahari and Amir Azmir 

GOMBAK, 7 Nov 2019: To reduce discrimination towards the Muslims, a Palestine activist, Motasem M.Y Mansour, emphasised the importance of raising awareness to the public regarding the suffering and struggle of Muslim brothers worldwide.

Motasem stressed at the forum that Muslims have not developed a well thought-out plan to help the Muslim community worldwide. He said that this was in contrast with the Jewish community who have a perfectly planned strategy to reach their goals.

The stage was also shared with the other activist from Kashmir, Idrees Shah and it was moderated by Hilmi Rosli, an Engineering student.

A third-year Engineering student from IIUM,  Idrees Shah had his fair share of highlights when he said that Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir is the bravest Malaysian he has ever seen, referring to his strongest speech in the latest UN assembly.

He encouraged the audience and all Malaysians to emulate the Prime Minister of Malaysia in terms of his bravery to speak up and voice the truth. 

“Tun Dr Mahathir at the age of 95 bravely criticised the controversial issues on Palestine-Israel and Kashmir at the United Nations,” he added. 

This discourse was organised by Pembina IIUM Chapter in collaboration with Al Wa’yu and Aman Palestine and held on Tuesday night (5 November) at Experimental Hall in Gombak campus.***

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