Father’s day gift guide

By Shazni Ong

Abah, Ayah, Daddy, Father, Papa, Walid. These are some of the words that we call to a person that is probably one the most influential, meaningful and special in our life. Without this ‘guy’, all of us would not have been born or created into this world.

During our childhood years, while the other half of our parent was asleep in the middle of the night, he was the ‘guy’ that would wake up and tried to make us asleep. When we are getting married, he is the ‘guy’ that will hand in to our beloved counterparts. Many of us had been through and will experience this situation some time in our life, though some of us may not.

In Malaysia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year although however, it is not declared as a public holiday.

Anyway, it is still not that late for any of us to show some sort of appreciation to our beloved ‘guy’. Some of us may yet still WONDER what to give on that very day. And just to make the matter worst, some of us may not even have enough money to buy something for someone we care about, especially from us who are still students!

Not to worry folks! Here is a list of gifts that you can probably get for our special ‘guy’ here:

    1. Buy him a dinner.
    2. Prepare some dinner for him.
    3. Grill it out.
    4. Give him a gift.
    5. Purchase for him a work of art.
    6. Buy for him some chocolates.
    7. Get him an unusual gift.
    8. Buy some tools for him.
    9. Accomplish a D.I.Y. project with him.
    10. Assist him to look better.
    11. Get him an app.
    12. Snap a picture.
    13. Give him an experience that he will never forget.
    14. Spend some quality time together.

Bear in mind that, all of these gifts vary in accordance to their prices. And yeah, yeah, yeah..we have got to admit that our ‘guy’ here tends to get cheaper and less expensive gifts compared to when we are celebrating Mother’s Day.

A point that I would like to highlight out on is that no matter what race you are from or what religion you believe in, we should be grateful to the Creator for giving the opportunity for us to live till this day with our special ‘guy’.

There are also among us also as well, who are unable to get that opportunity. What we can try and do to show our appreciation nevertheless, is that it can be done by just a small yet simple kind of act, ‘prayer’.

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the Abah, Ayah, Daddy, Father, Papa, Walid or to all the ‘guys’ that can be referred to as Father!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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