Mostefa on new challenges of modern world journalism

By Najmi Mamat

GOMBAK, 10 October 2019: Unlike during the old days when journalists had to face the oppressive government, these days journalists are now facing a different and a much bigger challenge in their tasks, acting Director-General of Al-Jazeera Media Network, Dr. Mostefa Souag, told a packed audience in a sharing session in IIUM campus here on Wednesday (9 October).

Citing the crisis which took place in Egypt where journalists were suppressed by the government and put under detention, Mostefa said becoming journalists have to take many factors into considerations when reporting, namely to be brave, to have both passion and courage to face the challenges.

“The challenge is not only from here but also comes from daily rapid and fast changes happening in the media industry because in this present information and digital era we are able to see different contents everyday,” Mostefa told the audiences, among whom were students and lecturers from the Department of Communication.

During the session, Mostefa also touched on the current real problem faced by modern journalism, which is fake news.

“If it gets to people, and people believe it, it will create serious problems,” Mostefa said, adding that “the media organisations should make sure that they go to the right sources, and produce good content that could give impact to the society.”

This can be implemented by ensuring that they are not depending on unreliable sources.

Quoting Al-Jazeera’s methods in producing quality journalists, Mostefa told the audiences that they even train their media practitioners to verify the information before its publication.

Speaking on the media, Mostefa advised the students to play their role as products of an Islamic university by joining the much higher value of media industry rather than merely focusing on entertainment industry.

“With the challenges out there, the smart one is someone who can turn the challenge into an opportunity not just for him or her, but for the community as well as the Ummah,” he added.

Mostefa and delegates from Al-Jazeera Media Network had a sharing session with the students and staff members of the university at At-Tabari conference room after visiting IIUMToday’s newsroom.

Mostefa left a teaching job in 1993, which he regarded as his real passion, and went into journalism and the media industry.

He had vast experience with the media before joining Al-Jazeera Media Network having been with BBC World Service and Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC). ***

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