Are superheroes film/tv overrated?

by Farah Nisa Sa’adon

The line “I love you 3000” by Tony Stark became a phenomenon after the movie “Avengers: Endgame” was released in April this year. The line was a sweet yet sad phrase from a loving father to his own little princess saying that they loved each other a huge amount before going to bed.

The movie “Avengers: Endgame” managed to collect $2.789 billion worldwide and set an all-time box office record beating the record breaking movie named “Avatar”. From this record, we can see that people have more interest to watch superheroes based production.

There are a variety of superheroes based production studios, including Marvel and DC Comics that produce tons of quality superheroes films and television shows from the famous Superman, to the newest movie, Captain Marvel.

Most of the movies were an adaptation from comics with a slight change in the storyline such as the series on “Spiderman”. The movies came with sequences from the first movie released to the current one. If you didn’t miss a single movie, you should now realise that you are a true superheroes’ fans.

Superhero movies are usually action films that include war and fighting one another with their superpower. However, romantic scenes and comedy lines are included in order to make the film livelier.

The questions that often arise is why do some people always want to be the early birds to watch at the cinema? Are they really a superheroes’ fan or are they just following the trend?

I witnessed the movie tickets for “Avengers: End Game” were sold out even before the movie was premiered at the cinema. The craziness couldn’t be controlled when some of the cinemas decided to release the movie before the actual show time because of the high demands.

Usually, superheroes’ movies have their own fans who will always wait and follow every sequence. Some of them even made their own discussions about previous movies together with the theory of the upcoming one.

To actually see the amount of support in every sequence and the quality of the movies, I don’t think that superheroes-based production is overrated.

From the amazing cast, the imaginative character, the stunts, the cool superheroes’ costumes, to sets of films been made, it is mind blogging for people to actually produce such quality films.

Usually, some of the stunts are done by stunt double who is not the actor himself but someone else who wears the same thing as the actor’s character to do a dangerous stunt. It is to prevent injury to the actors by hiring a professional stunt doubles.

Not to forget the high technology used to make cool effect on the movie makes the film worth watching. Have you ever wondered how they create scenes in Black Panther when King T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, drives a virtual hologram based on a scan of an existing car? Or how Iron Man can fly in those movies?

It still amazes me every time I watch superheroes’ movies because of its advanced technology.

You can always look around you whether it is your immediate family, your extended family or even your close friends, you can always find die-hard superheroes’ fans.

Even for the famous animation superhero movie named “The Incredibles”, has been accepted and supported by all sorts of group ages from the elderly to toddlers.

I remember how my dad and I would watch the animation movie together when I was a kid. It was an unforgettable memory for me.***

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