Harmoni Club to help ease drinking water issue in campus

By Aneesah Ishak

GOMBAK, 5 October 2019 – In an effort to sustain water demand in the campus here, Harmoni Club IIUM has initiated a “Wakaf Air Project” aimed at providing the campus community with accessibility to clean and quality drinking water.

This project was initiated as a response to the policy by IIUM’s management in banning the sales of bottled mineral water in campus since April 2019 to support IIUM zero single-use plastic campaign.

The university was embarking on a proactive move in meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Maqasid Al-Shariah.

It was felt that the management was not providing enough alternative outlets for the students who have been depending on bottled mineral water as a source of drinking water.

The aim of this project is therefore to help resolve the problems currently faced by the students on the drinking water issue in the campus.

To achieve this objective, all IIUM community members have been encouraged by the club to make donations through a cash-waqf system. Money collected from the donations will be used to install water dispensers at 15 spots in each kulliyyah and some hot spots identified by the club..

For more information, you can refer to the blueprint provided by the club in the link as follows https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KOhsrFsxfsr-CY0xIHjeQlypacmazAWB/view.

The donation can be made by channeling your cash to the account number 14041010089919 Belia Harmoni Resources (Bank Islam). For payment receipt and details, please contact Asilah Hanis on WhatsApp, 013-7220274. ***

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