IIUM becomes trending on twitter after failure of pre-registration Mahallah system

By Syakir Nizam

GOMBAK, 14 August 2019 –  IIUM sems to be trending nationwide on the Twitter after the pre registration website for Mahallah server was down last night when criticism and comments from students went widely blast on Twitter. There were 4, 146 tweets following the failure of the system at 11.24 a.m.

One of the twitter users @aminahthani wrote, “It is almost 12 hours after the actual pre-registration time and most of us still couldn’t access the system.”

The other twitter user known as @aimanyamin21 wrote, “Done pre-registration Mahallah at 4:14 am after 2 hours’ refresh non-stop.”

On another note, Mahallah Representative Council (MRCC) updated their statements on the their twitter account known as @MRCC_IIUM regarding this issue.

According to their update, the teams already did the follow-up to the respective department, theResidential and Services Department (RSD).

“We have been following your updates and feedback on the issue of MORR and we regret to inform that the system is lagging due to the crowd attempting to log into it. Thus, it it likely that most of us cannot register the room tonight.”

“For the very current update, MRCC is sorting out a memo to RSD for immediate solutions. Hence, along the way, no official statement could be made by us except of what will be endorsed by RSD. We hope that everyone take note and understand that there is a progress taking place.”

The pre registration Mahallah became an issue that blasted IIUM community since last week when the new policy needs the students to do their pre –registration equally from all levels of studies. Unlike the previous system that the students will perform their pre-registration according to the level.

Update: The official statement has been released as follows;

[Official Notice on MORR Issue]

Based on the latest meeting with the top management of IIUM, we manage to bring up this issue and our voice have been delivered:

  1. MORR has been suspended momentarily. A new schedule and announcement will be released later today, InsyaAllah circa 3 p.m
  2. RSD will allow prioritised access:
    Day 1 – PRSS, Bridging, L4 and L1
    Day 2 – L3 and L2
    Day 3 – all

Best Regards,
Mahallah Representative Coordination Council (MRCC) 18/19,
International Islamic University Malaysia.

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