University the right place to shape students’ attitude

By Nur Shafizan

To secure a job is every student’s goal after graduating from their university.

Some students simply cannot wait for graduating to feel the work environment. They are eager to put into practice what they have learned during their studies.

Students always forget that they also learned other things than just what were contained in their course syllabus. For example, the things that were not taught in class but what they observed and learned from the experience of their lecturers. In a way, lecturers shape the students’ attitude and behaviour through their teaching.

These attitudes will continuously be applied throughout student’s work life. Somehow students’ discipline in work life are influenced by their lecturer’s attitude and practice during their studies.

For example, a lecturer who is very meticulous and detailed in his or her assessments will ensure their students meet certain criteria or expectation before submitting their tasks or assignments. Students would feel satisfied if their assignments receive the marks that commensurate with their effort. Thus, such students would make sure that they apply the same yardstick or standard in their work life.

A lecturer who is very strict in time management would shape the students to manage the time wisely. The students will try to be punctual to class as they feel afraid or embarrassed to come late. Maybe at the early moment they come to class on time to avoid being scolded or locked out by the lecturer. However, if they practise to continuously be on time, they would learn how to manage their time well.

Based on these examples, we can clearly see that lecturers do shape their students’ attitude and thinking where they can apply such practice during their work life later on. Hence, how students behave at workplace somehow come from how their lecturers have shaped their attitude and taught them in the learning process.***

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