LoFest’18: “Spreading Love through Colours”

By Ainu Shafira

GOMBAK, 5 October 2018 – AKHI Club (Kelab Anak-Anak Berakhlak Islam) has found a better way of creating awareness among IIUM students and the external community to contribute towards development of mentoring projects through donations – by organising the “Colours of Love Festival 2018”.

Also known as LoFest ’18, this 11-day fundraising festival will be held from 11 until 21 October parading the concept of colours. It is initiated by a team of (AKHI Club) members under IIUM’s University Centre for Community Engagement (UCCE-BUDI).

According to the President of AKHI Club, Muhammad Amar Yusuf bin Zulkifli, the festival is organised with the objectives to generate income for AKHI Club, to increase health awareness among the community, and to strengthen networking between AKHI Club and other clubs under BUDI and the external agencies.

LOFEST ’18 offers programmes like Skye Bazaar, Avicenna Race, and LOFEST run.

The Skye Bazaar is focused to raise funds for the club for the purpose of supporting incoming projects financially, and IIUM students are given the opportunity to own their stall to sell their products. It will be held at Riverside, IIUM on Monday (15 October) to the Thursday (18 October) from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm.

While the ‘LoFest Run 2018′ is a charity fundraising event where participants are encouraged to donate towards the community by taking part in the run. This event will be held at Metropolitan Kepong Park, Selayang on Sunday (21 October) from 8.00 am and is expected to be joined by IIUM students, staff, public and children from schools under the supervision of AKHI Club.

For more information and updates, you can visit the official social media and contact the number below:

Instagram/twitter : akhiclubiium


Sis Iffah : 013-3184939

Bro Elyia’ : 017-2667568

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