Presidential Talk: First step towards IIUM becoming “Oxford Islamic University”

By Ainu Shafira

GOMBAK, 4 October 2018: The appointment of Minister of Education, Dr. Maszlee Malik as the new IIUM President has brought the man back to the university for his inaugural talk as the new president.

The “Presidential Talk” was held at Main Hall, IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) on Tuesday (2 October) from 8.00p.m until 10.00pm and was open to IIUM’s students, staffs and the public. It was officiated by the Rector of IIUM, Prof. Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak.

The purpose of this talk was to introduce the first step towards achieving the vision to make IIUM as the Oxford Islamic University and bringing back the glory of IIUM.

Dr. Maszlee said, “When people asked me why I am so loyal to IIUM among thousands of universities, I answered with one cliché and sentimental answer which is because of IIUM students. I believe the students are the key to this university’s glory with their spirit wanting to learn and do something new.”

“For all the years I have been here, I found that students of IIUM dare to push boundaries and leave the culture of being in squad which is rarely found in other universities,” he added.

He highlighted that students can also have their freedom of speech which they can express their voice but with intellectual thoughts.

“Freedom of speech is only a space but the important thing is the content of the speech. The speech must be shaped by people who have intellect, critical and rational thinking not just talk anything without the contents,” he said.

He clarified, “The legal prohibition to the students being involved politically before will be abolished, and since IIUM is governed under the ‘Universities and University Colleges Act’, IIUM will be the first university to have exposure to the political parties in the campus. Students reserved harmony, mutual respect and never drag their studies in joining public political parties.”

“Students must read more, involve with intellectualism and volunteerism activities more. So, everything they voice out will be a content. They also must put the highest goal to what they want to achieve, know what they want to be and focus on it once they step in the university.”

He ended his speech saying, “Dare to dream big, dare to take the risk and must continue dreaming. University is not the place to get a degree, it is the place for us to build our dream and others’ dream.”

The talk has also been inserted with the appointment of the new Deputy Rector (Students Affairs and Alumni) and Deputy Rector (Research and Innovation). More than 1,000 people attended the talk, among them were IIUM students, staff, lecturers, and media representatives. The event was followed by Question and Answer session.***

Pix by Muhammad Huzaifi (Uzaigrapher)

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