“Alphabets and Numbers would just remain symbols without you”

By Liyana Sheridean

“What will I teach them today?”

“How can I make it simpler for them to understand?”

“How can I make my classes interesting?”

“I might be late! The students will be waiting for me.”

“If only they could understand all the fuss I’ve gone thru to ease their studies.”


A noble profession indeed

Dedicating their time and energy

Just to make sure we receive the scroll onstage with a smile on our face

Walking proudly in our robes


We will not be having the moment of our lives if…


They did not wake up early in the morning and face traffic congestion for our 8 AM classes.

They did not burn the midnight oil reading and trying to understand our works.

They did not brainstorm their way up just to make sure the class is interesting so we won’t be bored to sleep.

They did not explain and summarised every single term there is in those slides and books that we have been complaining having so much to read.

They did not give their all in tolerating with our excuses and different attitudes.

They did not care at all about us.


Thank you, teachers
For not giving up on us!

Happy Teacher’s Day

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