This is for you, Malaysia

By Liyana Sheridean

On 9 May 2018

The people have spoken

Voices being heard

One finger as a proof

That will determine the fate of the country


From strong confident youths

to old but gold citizens

Pacing their way in line

With blood and sweat through every step made

Just to meet their boxes of fate


Two ballot boxes await

Every ‘X’ counts to change your fate

We cast our vote as we speak our thoughts

For we think it’s worth it

even if they are ignored


On 10 May 2018

Who would have expected

Our voices being heard

The air filled with intensity

and anxiety


Burning the midnight oil

Ditching our romantic dates with assignments

Just to witness what we think might be a miracle

With our beloved families, aunts and uncles


Hooray hooray! 

We have our say

It is indeed another miracle

Malaysians have gained


14 May 2018

First Monday after days of holiday

Life is good everything is okay

We are happy to say

Every sweat and blood spilled is worth up till today


Malaysia, this is for you

May the force stay with you

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