Creating greater awareness of sexual abuse problems among kids

By Aina Aqilah

GOMBAK, 17 March 2018: Nearly six per cent of children would keep quiet, tell no one or do nothing about it if something bad happened to them, a talk on “Awareness and Prevention: Child Sexual Abuse” was told recently.

According to child advocate of Monsters Among Us (MAU), Nur Adilah Md Nassier, who was one of the speakers, child sexual abuse was not just rape but includes different types of sexual acts such as verbal, visual and physical. Some abusers, she said, also showed pornography and sexual act to the child.

The talk was held in conjunction with International Women’s Day last Friday (9 March), organised by the Secretariat of Psychology in collaboration with Monsters Among Us at Mini Auditorium, IIUM.

Nur Adilah said persons with disabilities, especially mute and deaf children, tend to be abused more frequently because they lack communication skills. “When they tell someone in sign language, people will misinterpret them because they do not have specific sign language for sex.”

“Usually children who have been abused keep the problem to themselves as a secret because they are afraid that others will not believe them, or people might put a blame on them and they would feel ashamed, ” added Nurul Adilah.

“They also fear that people might abandon them and they would lose the love from a person nearest to them.”

Nur Adilah advised that in order to protect the children, family members especially, must always have an open conversation with the child. They should trust their children and be on the alert to the child’s behaviour.

“If there is any case happening, they should report to the police or any official of government hospital, this is one way to take further steps to solve children’s sexual abuse problem.”  ***


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