It’s ‘Sachawan Coffee’ at Wadi Budi

By Najmi Mamat

GOMBAK, 28 February 2018: “Sachawan Coffee” – that’s the name of a newly opened café in IIUM. Instilled with industrialised look and metal designs, the cafe started to serve its customers since the first week of its soft launching on 19 February.

Located in the Wadi Budi building and close to Saidina Hamzah stadium, “Sachawan Coffee” had drawn the attention of the IIUM community as it is decked with orange neon lamps, that attracted whoever passed by the road leading to Gate 3 entrance.

“Since its inception, the response has been very encouraging, especially during lunch hour,” said its advisor, who wished to be known as Madam Hani Hussin.

“Besides students, most of the customers who came here are lecturers and staffs,” she added.

Madam Hani Hussin and her daughter, Farahanis Yaman, 27, who is also the owner, said they believed that most customers have acknowledged the existence of the outlet, however, majority are still unaware of its inception a few days ago.

The business, in the meantime, is open on Monday until Saturday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. which can easily accommodate up to 50 diners at one time with parking space provided around the building.

According to Madam Hani, ‘Sachawan’ is derived from the old Malay spelling which means ‘a cup of’, intended to make the name as catchy and classic to the customers.

With the aim of attracting young customers, they offered fusion menu cuisines, combining the two elements of local and western dishes, which will be differed every day of its operation.

A customer, Nabil Fikri Nasaruddin, a student of Islamic Revealed Knowledge, said he was informed by his friends about this new food outlet.

“My friends and I enjoyed the food and drinks here which are so delicious,” said Nabil, who ordered nasi minyak with rendang ayam for the first visit here.

Asked about job vacancies in this cafe, Farahanis said the outlet also offered part-time job to students who wish to work as café assistant.

Farahanis and her mother expressed the hope that this outlet will be a favourite spot for staffs and lecturers to enjoy the food during the day, at the same time, may wish to bring visitors from outside.

“It’s a new place for students to spend their leisure time during the night and also to have fresh and tranquil environment with good dining experiences,” Farahanis said, adding that the prices are affordable for students, although some menus might be a little costly. ***

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