“Religion must be a force for good” – Khairy Jamaluddin

By Najmi Mamat

GOMBAK, 20 November 2017: Islam plays an outsized role as a religion to be reckoned with “as a force for good”, according to Youth and Sports Minister, Brig. Jen Khairy Jamaluddin.

“Most of us may think this is an obvious thing, but it is not obvious to everybody as for some people, religion is a force for evil because they use religion for wrongful means to perpetrate sinful acts against other people.”

Khairy highlighted the issue in his opening address when officiating a forum entitled ‘Towards The Renaissance of Muslim Future Thinkers: Vision TN50 of Malaysia’ in IIUM campus today.

Reminding the audience that suicide bombing is not Islamic in any way, Khairy said the perpetrators have used the term ‘Islam’ as an excuse to commit harm.

He said, “Islam is a force for good because our religion teaches us to be good fundamentally, that there is nothing in the teachings of our religion that justify terrorism, murder, persecution, xenophobia and creation of minorities with unfair means.”

“Islam is the religion of justice, where we believe in the socio-economic justice being our foundation. We must strive to do good on the daily basis, even having to compete to do good.”

Khairy further highlighted that the Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) is the 30th road map for the next 30 years to anticipate the demographic changes of young Muslim thinkers as a plan for a better world for Muslims.

“It is certainly not an unachievable dream to see the Muslim civilisation on the rise again if we channel our collective energy today towards science and technology that can be used for the Ummah,” Khairy added.

Also present at the opening ceremony were Vice-President of Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation ( ICYF-DC), Mr. Abdurrahman Topbas and IIUM Rector, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Zaleha Kamarudin.

The opening ceremony continued with four sessions altogether in a one-day forum. Among the panelists were the academicians from OIC member countries, namely Dr. Sami al-Arian (Palestine-America), Dr. Yakoob Ahmed (British), Dr. Ismail Yaylaci (Turkey), and Enes Yalman (Turkey).

The forum was held in conjunction with Putrajaya Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – Youth Capital, Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC). ***

photo credit to The SunDaily

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