Spend your money wisely or lose it

By Noorasikin Ali

Money. It’s the most powerful thing in the world. If you have money, you can get everything you want. Well, maybe almost everything. However, regardless how much money you have, you will finish it in one day if you, especially being students do not control your spending.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. I guess you might have probably gotten use to this idiom. Actually, it is true. If money grows on trees, we don’t have to work for it. Just pluck it.

Most of us depend on scholarship and loan to help us in our daily expenses. For those who are being supported by their parents, I would say they are lucky because they might not have to pay back the money. But, for those who are bound by the agreement to repay the loan, you have to be careful in spending your money.

Hence, here are a few tips in order to help you spending the money wisely.

The first thing that you have to do once you get the money is to allocate certain amount to pay all the fees and books that will be needed. As we all know, failing to pay the fees would render you unable to see your final examination result.

Secondly, avoid window shopping, online shopping or whatever. All of us cannot run from the fact that human beings, particularly women, have a natural love for shopping. When we get bored we like to go shopping. When we have money we also like to go shopping. Shopping, shopping and shopping. Maybe only some of us have shopping as a hobby. If you think shopping is a hobby, then you are wrong, unless you can grow money on trees. But the money that’s being provided for you is only for your studies, not shopping.

Thirdly, you don’t have to be up-to-date with everything. Just because you are friends with someone who wear branded outfits, expensive phones, all that, it doesn’t mean you have to be like them. They have it because they can afford it. Unfortunately, if we depend on the loan which is given only once for each semester, then just forget all that. Technology, especially gadgets are always coming out with new editions every year. It’s getting expandable day by day. So, if we can’t afford to buy it now, work hard in your studies, get a good job, and for sure we can buy them.

Next, construct a specific goal. What I mean by specific goal is put your aim at what you want. Try your best to achieve it. For instance, if there is something that you really want since a long time ago, put effort to it. Spend some of the money every day and you’ll have it. The important element here is patience.

Lastly, choose wisely between needs and wants. You are big enough to think which one is more important. So which one: What you want or what you need? People always say, a fool and his money are soon parted. Needs here refer to something that you have to have, such as food, drinks, clothes, books, etc. While wants are something you would like to have. For instance, gadgets, branded shoes, branded clothes and others.

To conclude, there were a few cases regarding students who work part time and how they neglect their studies because they need the money. For me, that shouldn’t be happening. Our parents put their trust on us to study, all for our future. But, if we neglect our studies to work, they’ll feel disappointed.

I remember something that was said to me while talking with an officer from the Finance Division, Shuhaimi Hj. Othman. He said, “Spend your money wisely. For PTPTN, government already made a calculation based on your daily expenses throughout your semester, especially those with full loan.”

Shuhaimi continues saying, “As for those who are neglecting their studies because they’re running out of money, it shouldn’t be happening. If you spend the money well, it will be enough. There shouldn’t be any issue in doing part time job.” ***

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