Pedophiles: Beware, they are around us!

By Muhammad Basir Roslan

Please take extra care towards your small kids starting from today. They may be the next victims by the crazy sexual predators outside there who like so much on preying and sexually assaulting minors!

As reported by in June this year in the article “Najib: Heed lessons from Richard Huckle case” on pedophilia, one British guy was given 22 years life sentence by a court in London for sexually violating 23 children and babies in Malaysia as well as children in Cambodia for almost a decade.

Reuters also reported that this 30-year old man would be jailed for at least 23 years for the crimes he had committed on children aged between six months and 12 years from poor families in Kuala Lumpur. Huckle also pleaded guilty to 71 offences. Police found more than 20 thousands of pornographic images of children in his possession saved inside his computer and camera. Luckily this wacky guy was arrested at Gatwick Airport in London in 2014.

Our beloved Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, has urged the people to take good lessons learned from this case to prevent Malaysian children from becoming victims of pedophilia.

“We must be extra alert on taking care of our children and be alert to prevent such sick activities from happening,” he said as he was angry and saddened to learn about the sexual violation of Malaysian children by Huckle.

This is just one of the cases reported in Malaysian mainstream media where there are more cases that have not been covered or uncovered.

To begin with, we have to know the definition of pedophilia, symptoms, and causes as well as treatment for this unusual disorder. As defined by Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary, it is about sexual feelings or activities that involve children, where the doer is feeling sexually attracted towards children and baby. An expert on sexology at the University of Toronto, Dr. Ray Blanchard believes that pedophilia is a sexual orientation where a person has sexual desires towards children under the age of 13 years.

According to statistics from police headquarters in Bukit Aman, there are 4,998 cases of children who were reported missing in 2013 and only 2,382 people were discovered! This statistic is really surprising and it should open our eyes wide enough to be extra concerned on this issue.

As quoted in, they (the pedophiles) have a fantasy of committing sexual activity with prepubescent children and most of them are usually men and can be attracted to either of the sexes. They often delude themselves into viewing their action as helpful to children, where they will tell themselves that they are contributing to a child’s development but however they do tell their victims not to alert their parents or their guardians.

Offenders are usually family friends or nearest relatives. The types of activities may vary, it can just be looking at a child with a fantasy of doing sex with them, undressing or touching them especially their private parts. Studies suggest that children who feel lonely may be at higher risk to be offended by these predators.

Now let us see what are the causes and symptoms that drive a person to become a pedophile. There are a variety of different theories that exist as to the causes of pedophilia. A few researchers attribute pedophilia to having a biological problem. They hold that testosterone, one of the male sex hormones, predisposes men to develop deviant sexual behaviours.

As far as genetic factors are concerned, as of 2002, no researchers have claimed to have discovered or mapped a gene for pedophilia. Most experts also regard pedophilia as resulting from psychosocial factors rather than biological characteristics. They think that pedophilia is the result of having been sexually abused as a child. Some researchers also claimed that the pedophile is attracted to children because he or she has never matured psychologically and some regard pedophilia as the result of a distorted need to dominate a sexual partner. Since children are smaller and usually weaker than adults, they may be regarded as non-threatening potential partners.

For the symptoms, a pedophile is often showing their attraction to the children who can be their potential victims. The pedophiles may volunteer their services to athletic teams, scout troops, or religious or civic organisations that serve youth. In some cases, pedophiles who are attracted to children within their extended family may offer to babysit for their relatives. They often have good interpersonal skills with children and can easily gain the children’s trust. They may also claim that they are “teaching” the child about “the facts of life” or “love”, where this rationalisation is frequently offered by pedophiles who have molested children related to them. All these rationalisations may be found in pornography with pedophile themes.

So, how can we tackle this pedophile problem from hitting our own children? Here, are suggestions on proper ways to prevent such crazy peoples from taking our children to be their next victims as recommended by psychiatrists and psychologists.

1) One of the best methods in preventing pedophilia is to avoid confronting situations that may promote such acts. Children should never be allowed to be in one-on-one situations with any adult other than their parents or trustworthy family members. Children should also be taught to yell or run if they are faced with an uncomfortable situation and that it is acceptable to scream or call for help in such a situation.

2) Another best way of preventing pedophilia is with providing education. Children must be taught to avoid situations that make them vulnerable to pedophiles.

3) Many countries nowadays have adopted legislation that need to have periodic background investigations of any adult who works with children. These persons may be paid, such as teachers, or they may be volunteers in a youth-serving organisation. As for example, The Boy Scouts of America has to create a training programme that is required for all adults in the organisation. They also impose that adults and youth are required to use separate facilities on all activities. Secret meetings and one-on-one interactions between adults and youth are strictly prohibited.

4) And this is the most important thing to be done by us as parents and guardians for our minors. Do not ever start to upload more of our children’s pictures and videos on social media! This may lead to these pedophiles predators to take and save it for their disgusting purposes and they can also manipulate by putting them on dark webs or pedophile porn webs. It is our responsibility to prevent our children from becoming vulnerable and also lend our helping hand to the authorities to tackle this problem slowly but steadily. If there are signs of such a child being a victim of pedophilia, quickly call the NUR hotline 15999 for assistance.

To conclude, we have to take care of our family members because it had been mentioned by Allah in His Holy Quran: “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe; they do not disobey Allah in what He commands them but do what they are commanded (At-Tahrim: 6).” May Allah protect us and our families from these crazy predators! ***

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