Student activist prevented from speaking at Bersih 5 campus roadshow

By Ajwad Amal and Shazni Ong

GOMBAK, 12 November 2016: An activist from a local student coalition was prevented from speaking at the university campus this afternoon after an attempt by him to speak at the launching of Bersih 5 campus roadshow.

The male student activist was believed to be from a local public university. He was among five students who came to IIUM with the mission to promote Bersih 5, believed to have been scheduled at several universities in the country, according to the university’s security office.

Nurafida Zaiman of Students’ Representative Council (SRC) said there were five of them who claimed to be from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported that the student was handcuffed and taken to Gombak police station for further investigation. None of the five students carried any student’s identification.

Gombak district police chief, Ali Ahmad, clarified that it was the campus’s security guards who had arrested the activist and later handed him over to the police. He was reported to be the first one to have spoken at the roadshow.

“He was taken to Gombak police station after Friday prayer. IIUM had lodged a police report over this incident.”

“We will look into the matter before we decide whether to charge him or not. If he committed any offence, we will probe, if not he will be released,” Ali told the local news portal. ***


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