Tips for low budget trip to Langkawi

By Najmi Mamat

It has always been my dream to travel to other places around Malaysia as a backpacker. However, my life as a student somehow has consumed my time, where I have to commit myself with my studies. So, I should say this is my first time experience in travelling to other states with my friends, which is not a family or school trip. It is on my decision. Mid-semester break is the exact time to do everything what you want, the exact time to escape too while forgetting for awhile the tons of works. Well, I just wanted to get out from my comfort zone.

Recently, I got a chance to visit Langkawi for the second time. It has been six years ago since I last visited Langkawi Island when I was in standard six. Well, six years and until now, the island might have changed and I’ve already forgotten some parts of my memories. I should mention that I got a low fare for my airplane ticket. So, I managed to save some money for transportation.

Langkawi Island is an archipelago of 99 islands with beaches, rain forest and forest-clad mountains. No wonder there are a number of nice places to visit. But, if you are a student like me, who always struggle to get cheap prices for every single thing, here are a few suggestions on places of interest that you should visit with a small budget.

1. Paddy field

Langkawi Island is in the state of Kedah which is well known for paddy field. So, it is not difficult to find paddy field here. Along the way to Kuah, a town centre in Langkawi, the paddy fields are in your left and right, just nearby across the main road. The green lay of paddy and grass are like green carpets that were laid in front of your eyes. What a calm view! Anyway, you should try mini food outlet, called “Nasi Dagang Pak Malau”, which is located nearby, so you can enjoy your meal while watching the picturesque views of mountaintops.


2. Temurun Waterfall

Since Langkawi is rich in rain forest and mountains, therefore, waterfalls could be everywhere. However, I just had time to reach Temurun Waterfall. Located seven kilometres away from my homestay, the journey took us about 45 minutes to arrive there. But, believe me, even the road to the location is slightly maze in structure, you must be spell bounded to see the crystal clear water that fall swiftly from the top of of the mountain. It is cold and refreshing. You need have to pay anything for the entrance. It is free! You just need to spend money for car petrol to enjoy the green nature scenes. But, beware of monkeys there. They always wait and stare at the visitors.

3. Cable car

In the beginning, we planned not to try the cable car since it cost us a bomb. But my friend told me that it is pointless to come to Langkawi without visiting the well-known tourist attraction. Thus, we decided to visit this attraction. With RM35, you can enjoy the breath taking view of most parts of Langkawi from above. But still, it depends on your budget since there are other places too that you can visit for free. Unfortunately, the weather condition did not allow us to witness the scenery as a huge and thick dews were filling the atmosphere. Up there, you can try a new attraction, which is the sky bridge.


4. Basikal Tua

Basikal Tua is located in Kampung Bohor Cempedak where it is one of the attractions mostly for foreign tourists. Here, you can rent old bicycles and motorcycles and you can have an enjoyable trip by cycling and moving around the village. Kampung Bohor Cempedak is just a stone’s throw away the airport. This service is rented out by a man known as Pak Hisham, the one and only person in the village who is an enthusiast in collecting old historical materials. Since the weather was scorching hot at that time, I decided not to rent the bicycles, instead I went around to take a look at his store.

5. Chenang Beach

You should visit Chenang Beach if you do not plan to enjoy activities like parasailing and speed boating. Sometimes it is safe to take a bath. Nonetheless, do be careful with the tides, especially during current monsoon season.


6. Dataran Lang

Dataran Lang or Eagle Square is a special place for anyone who loves to take photos since the huge eagle monument is the most significant symbol for Langkawi Island. It offers you the beautiful Kuah Bay view. If you’re having a plan to enjoy sunrise or sunset views, the great moments to do it would be early in the morning and late in the evening.

7. Haji Ismail Group Complex

If you are a chocolate lover, here is the one heaven place for you to purchase chocolates and sweets at affordable prices and even cheaper if you buy at wholesale outlet. Not only that, clothes, hand begs and even kitchen wares as well as dishes can be found here.

So, whenever you visit these places, here are some tips and recommendations based on my experience for a small budget:

a) You could rent a room at Belukar Lodges at low prices. It is located in the middle of Langkawi, in Padang Matsirat, so you may plan your trip very well according to the distance.

b) Always check for low fares transportation by airplanes which offer promotion to Langkawi from KLIA, regardless of return or one way ticket. The point is you might get the airplane ticket as low as MR10. So, you can spend your budget for other stuffs.

c) Take a ferry at jetty point and bus at Kuala Perlis Bus Terminal to continue your journey home.

d) For renting of a car, there are so many companies or agents who do available offering the services. You could also get low prices for a day/24 hours based on your preferences. You may check the agents contact number from Internet.

e) Remember, whenever you plan to ride the cable car, please make sure that the weather is good at the beginning of the day, so that you would get the chance to enjoy the Langkawi view clearly.

I should say Langkawi is a great, perfect place for you to release stress and spend some quality days with your peers, colleagues and family. Always bear in mind that you have the option to choose which one that suits your budget. The cheaper, the better! Now, you can pack your bag and book the air ticket. ***

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