SRC Election and why you must vote

By Aina Aqilah

GOMBAK, 20 October 2018: Have you ever been in a long queue while casting your votes on election day? If the answer is yes, you must have seen a lot of people checking their time while waiting for their turn. You might be wondering why they are so inclined to participate in voting. Voting is important to them that they are willing to spend time in the long queue. So, what’s the use of it? What is the importance of the election day?

Every year, many students will  participate in voting for the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) in IIUM in fulfilling their basic responsibility in a democratic society. However, there are still students who choose not to do the basic thing as a responsible person to vote for their future leaders. Students should realise their role in society on the importance of casting their votes for their representatives. The Election day in university is our priority and an obligation to us as students. We will not only support the candidate but also show support to his or her ideas so that it can work best for the whole population in the university. Furthermore, it is a belief of the power that can bring changes in peaceful circumstance.

Your vote is your voice. So, it is important to vote for the candidate who voice out important issues of the university like security, management and facilities. Consequently, even if it is just a simple vote, it will give impact to the whole university.

The candidates will always pay attention to voters’ voice . When they win and get elected, they will be accountable for their deeds and for what they have promised. Just like during the country’s general election, the people vote for the best candidate to represent them. Those in the community who stay silent will face lesser appeals. Their concern will never be heard if there is no voting. So, other people or authorities will make decision for them.

SRC election day not only benefit the voters but it gives advantage to the candidates too. Once they win the election, they will carry a big responsibility to represent students’ voice according to their constituencies they represent. So, this would give them good exposure to train themselves to be good leaders. They may not be leaders of a country but they still can be better leaders in their workplace or within the family.

So, campus election day is important to both voters and candidates. However, voting should not be a spontaneous act, as it means a lot to try and bring changes to society. There are several steps to get yourself prepared for voting.

  • Search for some background information about candidates’ education, experiences, social activities.
  • Follow the debates and election news
  • Consider people’s analysis and discussions.
  • Get yourself aware of their plans and ideas     ***

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  1. There are many elected roles accessible; and some require significantly more prominent contribution than others. While social orders and sports clubs have deliberate chosen positions to keep running close by your investigations, the students’ association itself offers various paid, full-time holiday jobs -, for example, president, VP, training officer and welfare officer-that can be held for a couple of years.

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