Hiking their way to appreciate nature and forge greater bonding

By Nurliana Zulkifli

SHAH ALAM, 13 October 2018: For the first time a group of 40 members of Adventure Recreational Club (ARC) recently scaled the Peak Garden and Sapu Tangan Hills at Taman Botani in Shah Alam as their hiking location, and felt it was a great experience.

According to its programme manager, Izzat Farhan Adha Azman, the event was not only aimed for new members to gain experience in the adventure activity, but also at cultivating appreciations towards natural environment among the club members.

“This is a new hill we have never reached before, besides we are trying to see their acceptance in this track that seemed easy for the beginners,” he said citing the many tracks that can be explored and chosen based on the map available.

Muhammad Najmi Luth Izzuddin Makhtar, an active member of the club, also agreed that the track was suitable for the beginners “even though there is some soft and slippery grounds with high elevation hike,” he told IIUMToday following the hiking experience.

Having had similar experience of scaling the Pahang mount and the Kerinci mount, Muhammad Najmi motivated the members to have an active lifestyle to boost their stamina level.

“Do some training before hiking and keep a healthy diet which is good for the muscle,” he said in giving his tips besides encouraging the members to join the night run every Thursday at 10 pm.

The team took almost four hours for a seven-kilometre journey before reaching both peaks which began with Sapu Tangan Hill. It was an effective way to strengthen their bonding, according to the programme manager.

“Members can get closer and know each other better as they kept supporting and overcoming the challenges together during the hiking,” Izzat Farhan said.***


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