I-Taajir Cycle 2 expects wider participation from lower income

By Nabilah ‘Athirah Mohamad

GOMBAK, 7 October 2018: Another Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programme, i-Taajir Cycle 2, will be conducted from 13 October to 1 December where a wider participation from approximately 2,000 units of households in each block of Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) in Kampung Baru Air Panas, Kuala Lumpur, would be expected.

The programme is organised by the Centre for Islamic Economics (CIE) in collaboration with CIMB Islamic (CIMBi).

“We choose the participants based on the area. Our target is to give micro-finance assistance to people of lower income. That is why we choose PPR area and hoping that they will be interested to sign up after the motivation session,” said Director of CIE, Prof. Mohamed Aslam Haneef in a recent interview with IIUMToday.

The second cycle of the programme will involve double the number of those participants in the first cycle. Mohamed Aslam said: “From the 2,000 unit of the households, we are hoping to get around 300 to 400 participants to attend our motivation session. We will also be having 50 selected students and staff from IIUM.”

The Chief Executive Officer of CIMBi, Rafe Haneef will be featured as a speaker in the motivation session along with other motivators to attract small entrepreneurs to develop their business.

Asked about the expectation of I-Taajir Cycle 1, Mohamed Aslam commented: “The first cycle acts as a pilot test for the programme, of which the number of participants was relatively small. Whereas, in the second cycle the number is expected to be much bigger.

“We are hoping that the number of people for the second cycle would be four times the first cycle. There will also be a programme for children of the participants which will be coordinated by the students. This will ease the parents to attend the talk, while there are people looking after their children.”

There will be a training session from 20 until 21 October to be conducted in IIUM mainly by students from Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS) to assist participants in preparing their business proposal to be presented to the panel on 17 November. An award ceremony will be held on 1 December.

The project is expected to be continued once every semester with target participants in different lower income housing area so that small entrepreneurs will get a chance to develop their business with micro-financing assistance from CIMBi. ***

The official poster is inviting all students and staff to participate in the program. IIUMToday is the official media partnership, collaborating with the Centre for Islamic Economics.


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