Research projects unite campus community and nurture corporate values

By Abdullah Faqots

GOMBAK, 30 July 2018: University research projects are believed to have the potential in uniting the campus community and in nurturing corporate values among different faculties, according to the Best Researcher Award recipient, Dr. Anis Nurashikin Nordin.

After dedicating herself in the interdisciplinary works with several biology lecturers from other Kulliyyah, Dr. Anis is now involved in a project called ‘bio senses devices’ that detects the presence of bacteria and other diseases. It is a collaborative effort among people from various backgrounds that gave big impact and significance towards their research works.

“We have also worked with medical faculty in Kuantan which involved with several doctors. As we managed to engage many people from different faculties to work together, it is good for the university as this project is not only done by engineering people,” she told IIUMToday.

She said that it not easy to get the article published especially in those journals that are ranked highly adding that different journals are ranked differently.

“The higher the impact of the journal, the higher is its quality, therefore, the articles with a very high impact will be viewed by many from different fields,” said Dr. Anis.

Dr. Anis, who was honoured during the recent IIUM Quality Day (12 July), said the award meant a lot to her and to the of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering after all the efforts and hard works.
She reminded researchers and students who are willing to do research to address their intention properly before conducting research.

“When I wanted to design a device or something, the most important objective is to help people, not to make ourselves famous or something else, this is the main intention that I always keep in my work. This is also the reason that drives me to work with other people to create a better and beneficial device.”

Apart from receiving Best Researcher Award (Overall), Dr. Anis was also honoured with Best Journal Article Award. ***

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