RnR Café a common learning and refreshing area in IIUM library

By Fachri Mirza

GOMBAK, 14 July 2018: IIUM Dar al-Hikmah Library now has a Rest and Refresh (RnR) café located at level two, a space which was previously used for gallery, encyclopaedia, and Muslim scholars collections. Launched recently (5 July) by the Rector, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Zaleha Kamarudin, the café remains open during the library operating hours.

The idea of RnR café was earlier proposed by former Chief Librarian, Dr. Basri Hassan and his assistant, Sharifah Abdullah, but had been rejected as it was considered inappropriate to have a café inside the library.

The proposal was later reviewed by the management when it was decided to make the RnR café more as a common learning area for students to discuss, study, socialise and refresh. This follows the current trend in modern nations today where a self-service café is available inside the library.

The RnR café provides a vending machine, coffee, biscuits, bean bag, plugs, massage machines, and bar chairs to accommodate over 40-50 people within the area. These services are aimed at making the café a more comfortable and cosy place for discussion and relaxation.

“The RnR café is mainly intended as a common learning area where students can refresh and discuss over a cup of coffee or beverage provided inside the area. But, one must note that food and beverages are not allowed outside the RnR café area, and library users must maintain the hygiene at all time,” said the library’s Head of Corporate Section, Leenawati Razali.

She advised visitors to maintain the hygiene inside the café where students are not allowed to bring any food from outside and they need to throw the trash into the bin provided.

According to the library record, as per year 2016-2017, the daily visitors increased to 1.2 million, whereas virtual visitors (online database, exam paper, thesis paper, etc.) were up to 3000. In 2017, active members of the library from among students, staff, and lecturers had reached 25,760. ***


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