Tips to remain healthy during Ramadan

By Fatihah Zaini

When it comes to the arrival of Ramadan, Muslims often get lazy, tired and experience sluggishness. This is due to the fact that the overall hours of not consuming any food or drinks is equal to the hours people spend working. However, spiritually, the purpose of Ramadan is for Muslims to surrender and submit to the higher authority.

This holy month does not only confine one in refraining from eating or drinking but also smoking and engaging in sexual activity. Moreover, Islam encourages its people to improve oneself by performing any kind of religious worship. Thus, what do Muslims need to do to succeed in carrying out such obligation?

One of the most important guidelines is making sure one’s own physical body is healthy. Here are some tips to stay healthy during Ramadan:

Never ever skip ‘Sahur’

Just as the saying goes, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, ‘sahur’ brings about the same. It is equally important because it helps your body to stay hydrated and  energetic until you wait for your next meal. Logically, during Ramadan you will not consume any nutrient for the next 14 hours, therefore, your body needs a ‘backup’ to stay awake and be able to go through the day without any complication. A balanced ‘sahur’ is required in making sure your fasting runs smoothly. You have to make sure that your food contains complex carbohydrate, fibre and protein. This way it can keep your blood sugar steady, body hydrated and your energy replenished.

Stay hydrated

Probably, you have seen a thread in twitter where it says hydration comes together with drinking eight cups of water per day. We are all aware of the fact that preventing ourselves from drinking during Ramadan is quite hard, as we tend to get really thirsty, especially when our days are filled with outside jobs. That is why, drinking plenty of fluids from the time of iftar to the period of ‘sahur’ is crucial, not just for Muslims but for everyone else. Although drinking plain water in large quantity often goes unnoticed, the importance and benefit that it gives has been out in the world for as long as we could remember. With that being said, other drinks should be considered as our second choice in devouring fluids.


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Remain active

Regular exercise and remaining active during Ramadan is one effective way to stay healthy. Some people love to sit around and sleep, eventually they gain weight before Aidilfiltri starts. Then, they complain how big they look in those tight fitting new baju raya. Thus, fasting is not an excuse for people to stop exercising as constant physical activities are known to keep our body fit and healthy.

Nevertheless, we are advised not to overuse the stamina that we have because each and one of us has our own personal preference. By doing this, we may plan our schedule to fit in with other daily activities because no matter how busy we are, we must have time for ourselves. Moreover, do not expose yourself too much under the sun while still making time for outdoor activities.


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Practise moderation

Have you ever had any experiences when you feel as if you could eat the entire food during Ramadan? I am sure you have! This kind of practice certainly does not bring anything good to the consumer as it leads to wastage, overeating, indigestion and heartburn. We know that breaking our iftar with a few dates and water is the best way to avoid any of the bad effect.

Dates are a great source of energy because it helps to secrete digestive enzymes in preparation for the next meal. Consuming dates is not limited during the holy month of Ramadan but also any other days that you feel like taking one. Avoid buying plenty of food that would only end up in the garbage bin. As the Quran says, “The squanderers were ever brothers of the devils…”

Although keeping ourselves healthy and fit during Ramadan is not a simple task, however, with effort comes great outcome. Thus, it is advisable for Muslims to keep up with these tips, as they would give great advantages in the future. ***


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Nur Fatihah Zaini


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