Amazing performance by Schelm String Quartet

By Mashitah Basir

GOMBAK, 6 April 2018: Schelm String Quartet has selected IIUM to stage a grand performance for its international education programme and concert overseas, and the show last night was really amazing following a big applause  received from the audience.

The high-level musicians from Tokyo consist of Prof. Masayuki Kino (1st violins), Takuto Matsunoki (2nd violins), Kaito Ikeda (viola) and Sakura Tashiro Peatey (cello). Their first String Quartet Concert was making marked strides throughout the performance.

The oldest and most experience violist, Prof. Masayuki said, “We’re glad to come here because this is our first time in Malaysia and IIUM is the first place we choose to make our performance.”

Their stunning show started with String Quartet in G Major followed by Eine Klein Nacthmusik and String Quarter in G Minor.

This string quartet that stands for musical ensemble of four string players are not just high-level musicians, but educated too, as they have received many awards, such as first prize in the Rodolfo Lipizer International Violin Competition, and second prize at the Lenox International Competition in Texas.

The performance had given IIUM students a great opportunity to listen to this classical music, a mixture of different instruments – violin, viola and cello.

Also present at the show were students of Diniyyah Puteri Boarding School as well as outsiders as entry to this concert was free.

The performers said that they hoped in future their concert tour will become very popular and more people would attend and appreciate even though they might face some challenges. “If the audience are happy, then, we’re very happy too,” Takuto Matsunoki said.  ***




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