‘WowKawKaw’ a good platform to generate income

By Najmi Mamat

GOMBAK, 1 April 2018 – If you are interested to earn extra pocket money, at the same time gain exposure to the business world, why not join WowKawKaw!

A young owner of food and beverage business, 22-year-old Najihah Zaidi, is interested to employ students to work with her as assistants.

“We open opportunities for students to work with us as agents for products where they can easily generate income by reselling and delivering foodstuff,” she said.

Najihah was given full trust by her brother Naeem Zaidi, the founder of WowKawKaw, since last January, to manage the business. A Guidance and Counselling student, she is taking it positive in the face of the challenges in running the business.

She has currently recruited some 17 staff this semester to help maintain her brother’s business and by doing so she had encouraged young people to gain experience in entrepreneurship.

“We share the mission to spread happiness through our food and drinks,” she told IIUMToday.

Believing in “the power of sharing”, Najihah is determined to operate her food kiosk, located close to Evoke Café, with the help of her staff, who are mostly IIUM students.

Besides prioritising customer services, Najihah said welcoming customers would add value to her business, as this serves as an important ingredient to attract more to experience the service.

“Additionally, WowKawKaw keeps coming out with special promotion of the menu. And for this, I always stressed to the staff to treat customers as king,” she said.

Asked about competition that exits in the campus, Najihah said she does not regard competitive environment as an obstacle to earn profits but rather as something “healthy”.

For her, competitors have set a benchmark to always improve the business, and to avoid from being in comfort zone.

Despite only having experience in online fashion business since she was 16, Najihah never hesitated to shift to food and beverages (F & B) as she discovered that this business is not only offering at affordable price, but also in demand.

Najihah is only a second-year student but she is never afraid to grab this chance, as she is doing it for her passion, and would “never give up” describing it as the “greatest wisdom” in her life.

Bringing the authentic menu from Thailand, WowKawKaw is also looking for ways to establish franchise outlets as they target to reach out to other universities.

Najihah said she expected to upgrade the menu for IIUM’s outlet in future after seeing the menu variations made available in the already developed outlet in Sungai Buloh.

This year, WowKawKaw’s outlet has officially been in operation for almost four years, serving more than 100,000 customers. ***


Najmi Mamat

Najmi Mamat, or Najmi Syahiran Mamat is a Journalism student, who is working as Senior Journalist at IIUMToday (university news portal) and currently being in the position of Managing Editor. Besides having a position as a news anchor at its bulletin production, he is actively participating in theater performances and in love with photography as well as travelling and vlogging. He works as a part-timer of event emcee too. Travel. Student. Notebook.

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