Humanitarian mission 2018 @IIUM to create awareness on Syria issues

By Arra Fauzi

GOMBAK, 21 March 2018: Sekretariat Rukun Negara (SRN) is inviting all IIUM students including outsiders to join a one-day programme called Humanitarian Mission 2018 @IIUM on Wednesday (28 March), aimed at creating awareness among students on humanitarian issues, especially the conflicts in Syria, and to raise funds from IIUM community towards humanity.

This is first time the programme is organised by the SRN in collaboration with “Jelajah Kemanusiaan IPT 2018”, Syria Care and NAR Records. It will be held from 9.00 a.m until 10.30 p.m.

The event’s programme manager, Mohamad Nor Imran bin Mat Shah, said, “I hope through encouraging response from IIUM students, it can give a message to the world that IIUM students are always firm in rejecting oppressing against the Syrian people.”

There will be three main activities which are talk show, mini showcase and charity sales bazaar. The talk show will be held at IIUM Mini Auditorium at 3.00 p.m until 4.30 p.m, and charity sales bazaar will be at IIUM riverside from 9.00 a.m until 5.00 p.m.

The highlights will be the showcase at Main Auditorium from 8.00 p.m until 10.30 p.m where there will be performances by popular singers Khai Bahar, Ikhwan Fatanna and Azadan (Rabbani).

Students need to pay RM5 as entrance fee and the public will be charged RM10 per entry. The fees collected will be channeled to SyriaCare to help Syria’s refugees around the world.

Popular special guests such as Prof. Dr. Mohd Nor, Siti Sakinah and Rohaya Ngah from Syria Care will be featured at the event.

Meanwhile, the programme provides students with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge on developments in Syria and to promote awareness of humanity among the IIUM community and the public.

For more information regarding the programmes, readers may visit SRN’s official social media sites as follow: Twitter : @srniium, Instagram : @srniium ***

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