Charity screenplay in aid of outreach programmes

By ‘Aida Farihan Rafee

GOMBAK, 17 March 2018 – MISI Club is finally making a comeback this semester with its charity screenplay to be held on 27 and 28 March at Mini Auditorium, in Gombak campus.

Jointly organised with Twinkle Studio, there will be screening of six short films, which means six stories, priced at RM5.00 for IIUM students and RM7.00 for non-IIUM students.

“It would be worth the money spent to watch, enjoy and support this charity screenplay along with helping to raise funds for our next outreach programmes in Sabah,” its programme manager, Alia Jamaluddin said.

She described the charity screen play as the alternative move to raise funds for their outreach programmes. “Instead of knocking on the doors of students’ rooms… charity doesn’t just work that way. That’s why the mainboard has decided to go for this programme.”

“Of course, all the short films will give motivations and lessons for those who watch,” she added. ***

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