SRC launches three programmes on 150th day of tenure

By Maisarah Mijar

GOMBAK, 16 March 2018 – Having in mind the concern of the students’ well-being, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) recently launched three programmes under its supervision – usage of hashtag of I AM IIUM, and Welfare Car and Students Digital Assistant (STUDA) applications.

Held on the 150th day of its current tenure at Experimental Hall on Wednesday (14 March) from 8.30 p.m until 11.00 p.m. the event was attended mostly from the Kulliyyah Based Society (KBS), Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC), former SRC members and student leaders.

The programme also highlighted SRC’s blood, sweat and tears in which they have executed many programmes such as IGNITE, under the Holistic Student Development of SRC members, ISLEG 1.0, ISLED 2.0, Subuh Akbar, and Brain Bits.

“Insya Allah there will be more upcoming programmes in the future,” said SRC’s Vice President 1, Raudhatul Jannah.

Proposed by the President of SRC, Amir Ridhwan, the idea was for SRC to promote and encourage IIUM students to be proud of being part of the IIUM community. Hence, students were highly encouraged to promote the hashtag I AM IIUM every time they post something beneficial on their social media platforms.

Approved by Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Datuk Dr. Mizan Bin Hitam, and also the Office of the Legal Adviser (OLA), Welfare Car is now in the process to be officially launched after the mid-semester break.

The idea of Welfare Car was from the previous tenures, the SRC 15/16 and SRC 16/17, proposed by Abdullah and Hajar, and the idea was then brought into realisation by this year’s SRC tenure 17/18. There are 10 drivers available now who are willing to be on duties to help students in need of transport especially when the ambulance is not available.

The STUDA app was created by Ku Syuk, an engineering alumni of IIUM, who was also the creator of the TVSRC. This app is useful to help students in distress to report to authorities, where they can just fill in the application form. Unfortunately for now, STUDA app is only available for Android users, but it has been completed with many things that can assist students which include all IIUM hotline numbers in case of emergency.

Meanwhile, the student dialogue session was a success. Amongst the questions asked were those regarding the Automatic Lane Barrier (ALB) issue, the General Election of Malaysia, Ezibox, and the Dress code Awareness. Even though the questions thrown at the SRC had caused an uproar, the student dialogue session was conducted in calm and in-control situation.

There was one appreciation speech that won the hearts of SRC members given by Imran, a third year student from KENMS where he said, “Well, SRC is just normal students like us, they have assignments and exams too, but the hall at this moment is truly disappointing. We should appreciate their efforts too, if they can put aside their work for two hours, why can’t we?”

The event ended with a beautifully arranged ‘Ajari Aku’ seruling instrumental song by talented Bakhtiar. ***


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