“The forgotten blessing is gratitude” – Sheikh Junaid Bhaiyat

By Fatihah Zaini

GOMBAK, 13 March 2018: The Al-Aqsa Friends Society in collaboration with Nursi Research Training Consultancy (NRTC) recently organised a talk that depicted the idea of the blessing that has been forgotten by the ummah.

Held at Moot Court, AIKOL on Friday night (9 March), the talk was given by Sheikh Junaid Bhaiyat who is a master’s student of Quran and Sunnah disciplines.

He said that although it sounded paradoxical the forgotten blessing is gratitude as every ingratitude conveys the meaning of the remembrance of God. “If everyone on this earth shows ingratitude it will not change anything for Allah SWT.”

He also mentioned the fact that when the ummah are being put through hardships, they keep on questioning the decree of God.

“You cannot judge the creator by the creations because they are self-centred. In return, God has asked His creations to be grateful to benefit themselves,” Sheikh Junaid Bhaiyat said.

The talk was aimed to remind people to always be grateful of the blessings that God has given us.

Sheikh Junaid Bhaiyat stressed the importance of comparing lives with others.”If you wake up in the morning and you feel sad or depressed, always look at those beneath you.” He added, “By looking at the people lower than us, it would remind us psychologically that we are  always above them.”

Prior to that the Al-Aqsa Friends Society in collaboration with NRTC hosted a talk titled ‘The Tales of Al Aqsa’ on 8 March . The programme was organised as part of initiative to collect donations from the public to help the refugees  It was attended by many students from different Kulliyyah. ***


Nur Fatihah Zaini


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