Rais officially launches multi-cultural student complex Wadi Budi

By Mashitah Basir

GOMBAK, 10 March 2018 – A new multi-cultural complex costing RM6.8 million with modern facilities for students named Wadi Budi was officially launched by the President of IIUM, Tan Sri Dr. Rais Yatim, on Friday (9 March).

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Rector (Internationalisation and Global Network), Prof. Dr. Abdelaziz Berghout, Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Dr. Syamsul Jamili Yeop, senior officials of the university, representatives of Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and some 50 students.

Tan Sri Rais said, “Students should make Wadi Budi as a challenge and should struggle appropriately with IIUM’s motto: Garden of Knowledge and Virtue (Taman Ilmu dan Budi).” He emphasised that budi is “not just keeping the cleanliness of a toilet, rather to sharpen their mind towards truth and virtue”.

“Wadi Budi is not only to facilitate students in IIUM but rather to open the eyes of outsiders towards IIUM,” Tan Sri Rais added.

Among facilities available at the Wadi Budi are meeting rooms, surau, offices, cafeteria, VIP room, multipurpose hall, and workshop rooms for co-curriculum classes in cooking, sewing and pastry making. The facilities are intended to produce high-quality students in a variety of ways.

It was also announced that some funds were channelled towards students in need. The assistance was provided to IIUM Disability Students, IIUM Student Charity, and the SRC by Etiqa Takaful Malaysia through Endowment Fund.

A video on budi song (song of virtue) had enlivened the launching event as the song highlighted the importance of the combination of budi (virtue) and religiosity. It is also to express gratitude which is very vital to people in the future.

At the end of the ceremony, the key to Wadi Budi was handed over to the Deputy Rector (Internationalism and Global Network) by the President. ***

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  1. I’ve been in the same situation before. It’s not as easy solution as you thought it could be, it is something that you’ll have to consider for yourself over a period of time.

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