oBike now talk of the town for using motorcyclists’ parking space

By Aida Zemani

GOMBAK, 2 March 2018: Malaysia’s first largest and dockless bike, oBike, has suddenly become an issue in IIUM campus here – for taking over parking space designated for motorcyclists.

Despite six months of its existence in campus, this issue had received the attention of IIUM students in Facebook only recently as they complained that the bike had caused so much problems to the point of becoming a nuisance. This is because students who use the bikes simply do not know how to handle them properly.

One user who posted in IIUM Online Facebook page, spoke of his experience on the matter saying, “There are too many oBike occupying the motorcyclists’ parking space. This has caused a burden for motorcyclists to find parking especially during peak hours.”

Not only that users are occupying the motorcyclists’ parking lots, but the bikes are also seen being parked at the pathway for the disabled persons.

“It’s the mentality of students using the bikes in campus. They should be responsible of putting the bikes properly at the right place instead of leaving them scattered everywhere,” he added.

Reaching out this issue to the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), the Chairperson of Welfare Secretariat of SRC 17/18, Nurul Atikah Che Anawa, said that the SRC is aware of this matter as they have already conducted a survey on the concerns and voices of the students. And they have also handed over their petition to the authority.

Although she could see some improvements regarding this matter, however, the problems are still not fully resolved as IIUM students are still talking about it in Facebook. The student also expressed the hope that the oBike team would take this matter seriously.

oBike launched its first appearance in Singapore in February 2017, but only in September last year that it was implemented in IIUM campus.***

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