New Heads of Departments in IRK to bring improvements

By Liana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 1 March 2018: The Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge has announced the appointment of new Heads of Department (HOD) for every department that falls under the Kulliyyah effective at the beginning of the semester.

The new HODs are Assoc Prof. Dr. Radwan Jamal Elatrash (Quran and Sunnah), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haslina Ibrahim (Usuluddin and Comparative Religion), and Prof. Dr. Sayed Sikandar (Fiqh and Usul Fiqh).

As the Kulliyyah’s mission is modernity and compatibility, the students expressed higher expectations on the improvement that its management would bring.

Touching on the Kulliyyah’s organsation, Rufaidah Mohd Parid, a student of Usulfiqh department agreed that the Kulliyyah still needed much enhancement to be done as the office seemed to lack sufficient staff to handle the job. In reviewing the Kulliyyah’s performance, one student raised her concerns that there were no Dean’s list awards and certificates for excellent students.

Siti Zulaikha Mohd. Zaki, a final year student, suggested for the management of the Kulliyyah to be upgraded in an effective way. “I noticed during the first week of the semester the department was very crowded as many students did not complete their credit hours,” Zulaikha said.

Meanwhile, Siti Syukrina Yang Amri, a student from Usuluddin department was confident of the new management and the charisma that exists among the leadership of the Kulliyyah.

“The administration of the Kulliyyah was alright and most lecturers were very nice to the students,” she said.

ISRAK’s Head of Development and Education bureau, Zuhairah Abdullah advised students to follow official ISRAK’s social media for instant information regarding the Kulliyyah.

“You also have another choice by joining WhatsApp group for each department to be kept informed of any latest development,” Zuhairah said suggesting the students to keep themselves updated and be alert on matters concerning academic affairs.

IIUMToday recently interviewed Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radwan Jamal Elatrash for his comments about efforts to bring about Kuliyyah’s management improvement.

“We are really concerned about students’ CGPA and we plan to cultivate comprehensive and excellent students in both academic and co-curricular activities by giving them academic awards,” Dr. Radwan Jamal said.

“Likewise for those with CGPA below 2.5 we will meet and consult with them to give awareness and motivation,” he added admitting the students’ academic performance was at satisfactory level.

For the staff issue, since there are many students who are not paralleled with academic staff, the department will hire postgraduate students with good CGPA to assist with the learning session, Dr. Radwan Jamal emphasised.

On fresh graduates and employability, he encouraged them to have global thinking and emphasised on the importance of English language skills as the medium of communication.

“Strengthen your language especially English, because Arabic is only as your tranquility to understand Al-Quran and to develop the character as the true servant and be your additional value,” Dr. Radwan Jamal stated suggesting them to learn English as a minor course at another department. ***

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