Mustangs fail to tame Lions as they celebrate silver

By Ahmed Wafi

BANGI, 10 February 2018: The UiTM Lions proved too much for the IIUM Mustangs in the finals of the Sukan Institut Pendidikan Tinggi (SUKIPT) games football tournament as the Lions went rampant by scoring four goals without a reply last night at the UKM Stadium here.

All goals came in the first half of the match and this led to the Mustangs playing a much improved second half but it was too little too late as the Lions would go on to celebrate their 38th gold medal of the games, placing them second in the overall rankings behind UPM which have amassed 42 gold medals so far.

Head of IIUM’s Sports Development Centre, Roestam Effendi believed that “The Mustangs played well in the finals but The Lions played better”.

“Prior to the final, IIUM faced many injury problems to key players and this limited the choices for head coach Hairy Azly, but overall the journey to the final is a lifetime experience” he added.

The IIUM contingent was looking to add on to the inspirational gold medal won by the rugby team but fell short at the last hurdle. A silver medal is still an achievement and The Mustangs will be looking to add to their medal tally of one gold, three silver and six bronze medals before the tournament comes to a close later today.***

Ahmed Wafi

The first step to being good at something is to suck at something. I like running and boats.

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