Road to Indonesia: Looking across differences

By Eka Tharudin

GOMBAK, 14 January 2018: Representative committees of  Mahallah Ruqayyah and Mahallah Al-Faruq are collaborating to conduct a programme called “Garden Of Culture: Road To Indonesia” with the view to promote IIUM at the Asian country level which will take participants to visit Siak, Riau from 20 to 25 January this year.

With a total of 68 participants and two fellows in charge, the trip to Indonesia comprises three main projects that will benefit both the participants and the community of Pekan Baru. The project was designed to enable participants to contribute to the community with activities like motivational programmes, guidance session for self-managements, mural painting, and cultural performances.

The trip is aimed to enhance humanistic skills and serve proper education or facilities for the community of Pekan Baru. This will also serve as a great platform to foster cultural exchange between the community there and IIUM students.

“We believe that this programme can help us to spread Islamic knowledge and values while instilling humanistic skills to the participants and committee members,” said Nazratul Naimah Radzi, who is the assistant of public relations secretary for this programme.

With its theme “Celebrating Diversity, Grooming Humanity”, the project will be focusing on learning and merging two cultures while molding good characteristics and ethical behaviours.

Donations are welcomed to support the community service project, “Garden of Culture: Road to Indonesia”. Contact Finda Jamila Bt Hisyam (013-6980304) for further inquiries.***




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  1. 前額拉皮、抬眉手術、傳統前額拉皮、內視鏡前額拉皮、直接抬前額拉皮、改良式髮際線拉皮、五爪拉皮術、三爪拉皮術、八爪拉皮術、抬頭紋、三角眼等一些相關議題、似是而非或有爭議的事項的披露與討論。

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