More course prerequisites to help 4th year students graduate on time

By Mahadhir bin Monihuldin

GOMBAK, 14 January 2018: A proposal has been introduced by the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) to insert more pre-requisites to its higher level subjects in the hope that students will take courses aligned to their current year of study.

According to its Dean, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abdul Quayum, a problem that sometimes arised during the course registration process was that KIRKHS students chose to take higher level courses even though their year of study was not aligned to the level of said course.

“One of the difficulties is that students will at times take a fourth year level subject despite the fact that they are only in their second year,” Prof. Quayum said.

“We want to stop that to make sure that students move in sequence. So, second year students should be taking second year level courses, third year students will take third year level courses, and so on.”

The move was done primarily to secure higher level subjects for 4th year students who need to enrol in these crucial subjects to officially graduate on time. This is an attempt to improve the Kulliyyah’s record of GOT (graduation on time).

“We want to balance it out so that graduating students get their courses. It’s important because if a graduating student misses these courses due to an excessive number of enrolment, things will become very difficult for them.”

However, Prof. Quayum was also aware not to make the study plan too rigid to ensure that flexibility still prevailed.

The proposal for more prerequisites has been approved by the Dean’s Council and will be brought to the Senate for the final phase.

This move came in light of a number of initiatives by KIRKHS to advance the Kulliyyah further which included the decision to reduce the level of Arabic subjects required for KIRKHS students, the step of making Final Year Projects compulsory for all undergraduate KIRKHS students in every department, as well as a push to advance research publications with an Islamic perspective.***

Mahadhir bin Monihuldin

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