“A new role for PGSS following successful election” – Ridzuan Zakaria

By Mohammad Saifullah

GOMBAK, 22 December 2017 – Post-Graduate Students Society (PGSS) election 17/18 was successfully conducted yesterday. This year the election created a new environment for PGSS.

“There are ten seats allocated for PGSS executive and previously we did not have to arrange election because of fewer candidates, but this year there were 17 candidates on PGSS election and we have been given a week to publicise the candidates.” Election controller and senior assistant director of Centre for Post-Graduate Studies (CPS), Ridzuan Zakaria told IIUMToday.

“We have received 29 applications from nominees, among them seven couldn’t fulfil the eligibility criteria. Later, four of the candidates withdrew, and finally, 17 candidates contested the election,” he added.

Ridzuan Zakaria highlighted the contribution of previous PGSS committee. He said, “I want to give credit to the previous PGSS committee because of their effort through organising many programmes and activities, as a result, the existence of PGSS is better known now to the students than before. Meaning that the last committee had done a very good job and we can see the result through this election.”

This year it was outstanding because the candidates have publicised a lot and they made an environment through posturing around the campus.

Unlike the previous election, this year there were no local candidates. “We are trying to select one local candidate to fulfil the prerogative of the executive committee. Alhamdulillah, we are very happy and on behalf of the CPS, I would like to thank all the staff, candidates, students and volunteers for the successful election,” Ridzuan added.

The PGSS 17/18 election was held on Tuesday (19 December) from 9 a.m until 4 p.m on three different booths in IIUM.  The total number of votes cast is 529, among them 17 were spoiled, according to the election committee. The official result was published at 7 p.m at CPS Conference Room, IRKHS building.

Here are the full official result with the number of votes gained by candidates:        

  1. FAYZUL HUQ 255 votes (1st)
  2. MOHAMMAD ABDUL AZIZ 244 votes (2nd)
  3. MOHAMMAD BURHAN UDDIN 223 votes (4th)
  4. MOHAMMAD MUHIB ULLAH 224 votes (3rd)
  5. NASEEB AHMED SIDDIQUI 126 votes (11th)
  6. MAIDUL ISLAM 97 votes (15th)
  7. ATIQUR RAHMAN MUJAHID votes 215 (6th)
  8. JEMAL MOHAMMED SAEED 182 votes (8th)
  9. TEUKU MUAAMMAR SYAUQI 131 votes (10th)
  10. AJMI HECHEM 97 votes (15th)
  11. BELAYET HOSSEN 189 (7th)
  12. AHMAD SAAD AHMAD AL-DAFRAWI 177 votes (9th)
  13. MOHAMMED RAHMAT ALI 112 votes (12th)
  14. ABDUL JAWAD MOHAMMAD SHIHAN 100 votes (14th)
  15. SHAIKH FARAZ AHMED 102 votes (13th)
  16. KHURSHID MALIK 90 votes (16th)
  17. NAJMA IMTIAZ ALI 221 votes (5th)   ***


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