ISRAK’s new line-up with a mission of “Fastabiqul Khairat”

By Liana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 17 December 2017 – The new line-up of Islamic Revealed Knowledge Students’ Secretariat (ISRAK) is ready to pursue its mission of Fastabiqul Khairat following their election at the Annual General Meeting at Mini Auditorium recently (11 December).

This follows ISRAK 17/18 Election Day that was successfully conducted on 29 November with positive participation from the 1067 Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK) students and candidates.

“It has motivated me to cast my vote as I put my trust on them to continue the ISRAK legacy and it was our responsibility to know about our Kulliyyah,” one of the hopes among IRK students, Munira Asmad Putra said.

She added: “By knowing our society it can benefit us, besides the leaders need supporters to realise their vision and mission and we need to show other Kulliyyah that Islamic students’ society can be at the same level as them.”

Asked about the credibility of ISRAK, Dr. Ismail Mamat, the advisor of the society agreed that it was important as it represents students under IRK divisions which are Usuluddin, Quran Sunnah and Fiqh and Usul Fiqh.

“I would like to congratulate and thank those who participated and contributed to the ISRAK election and hoping that they would continually serve the students, besides all of us must play the role,” Dr. Ismail told IIUMToday.

Meanwhile, Hermila Shakira Hamzah expressed her appreciation after being elected to the new tenure.

“I feel happy with the opportunity to contribute something to my department and will apply my experience in the previous club and different positions to the benefit ISRAK,” promised Hermila that she would  imitate Prof. Dr. Muhaya Mohamad’s positive attitude.

As the new president, Muhammad Amier Rostam through his status on Facebook, reviewed his position as one with the responsibility and accountability of Taqwa rather than seeking popularity.

“Thanks for the trust given to us and we will do our best to serve the IRKS students,” Amier Rostam said in his speech after the election to the new tenure of (ISRAK 17/18).

Here is the main new line-up of ISRAK following the Annual General Meeting:

–    Chairperson: Muhammad Amier Bin Rostam (RKUD)

–    Vice Chairperson: Muhammad Aiman Bin Ghazali (RKFQ)

–    Vice Chairperson 2: Hakimah Binti Ahmad Sabri (RKUD)

–    Secretary: Wan Nur Haifa Binti Wan Khalid (RKQS)

–    Financial Controller: Aiman Bin Khairulddin (RKQS)   ***

Photo Credited to AGM ISRAK 16/17



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