Healthy living for beginners

By Wafi A. Rashid

Living a healthy life is something a lot of people want to achieve but for one reason or another, they do not want to take the step in the right direction. Sometimes, we know what we have to do to start living healthy and at other times, we think we’re doing the right thing but we’re horribly mistaken. Here are a few tips to start living healthy.

Do not be an extremist: This applies to many aspects of life and when it comes to living healthy it is no exception. Being a health extremist involves adopting extreme diets in an attempt to lose weight fast such as the Atkin diet. Sudden and drastic changes will not stick. When we aim for healthy living, consistency is key.

Small changes make a big differences: Changing little bits of your life and getting rid of unnecessary habits can make a big difference. Instead of taking two scoops of rice, take one scoop and a half and instead of eating fried chicken, opt for steamed or grilled chicken instead. Chicken breast has the most amount of protein and the least amount of fat in the entire chicken while chicken wings have the least protein and the most fat.

Consistency is key: This applies to both exercise and diet. As explained, we do not aim for a short term goal but we want long term success. Something as simple as 300 jumping jacks or a twenty-minute run a day can really do wonders to your body! Especially for people who are not used to exercise in the past.

Fruits over drinks: A habit that people tend to make that brings bad effects is drinking canned and soft drinks. Drinks such as Coke contains almost 40 grams of sugar and this is unnecessary sugar in our system and if not utilised, will just turn into bubbling fat. Substitute canned drinks with fruits for a more filling snack!

If these tips are put to good use, we will start seeing little changes in our body, both in the mirror and on the scale. Slowly but surely we’ll get that dream body but we’ll need to start now, not tomorrow! ***

Ahmed Wafi

The first step to being good at something is to suck at something. I like running and boats.

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