Forum on ‘Pemuda dan Al-Quran’ gets full house attendance

By Masturah Jamilah

GOMBAK, 19 November 2017 – The forum on ‘Pemuda dan Al-Quran’ held on Friday  (17 November) at the Moot court, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL), had drawn full house attendance from the students and campus community.

In conjunction with International Islamic University Malaysia Convocation Fiesta 2017 (CONVEST‘17), the event was organised to create an awareness for IIUM students about the content of Quran which will enlighten the way to fit in to their life, besides motivating them to always being close with Al-Quran and to make it as a culture in life.

The organiser had invited the experienced speakers, namely Lecturer of Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD) IIUM, Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari Abdul Rahim and an author of bestseller book ‘Kuasa Kepimpinan Al Fateh’, Ustaz Muhammad Syaari Abd Rahman.

The discussion was moderated by Abdul Rahim Ellias.

The forum was aimed to strengthen the understanding on how to improve inner self in many aspects by implementing the beneficial things mentioned in the Quran.

In the discussion, Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari elaborated the revelation of Quran to the Prophet, which is from the Arab nation and supposedly Allah would use their language to make them understand the command through the Prophet.

He said we need to learn the Arabic language, by hook or by crook, in order to understand the Quran.

“The tips to master in ‘tafsir Al-Quran’ are learning Arabic language and do not be afraid to understand Quran precisely,” said Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari.

Meanwhile, Ustaz Muhammad Syaari said of the uniqueness of Al-Quran that could be seen through its language and its messages reveal lots of authentic knowledge.

“I will suggest for students the book that can be used to get more understanding about Quran is Kitab Mafatih Taamul Maal Quran,” Ustaz Muhammad Syaari suggested.

Not only listening to the panelists, it was set in a format of two-way communication where the audiences got the chance to participate during the discussion.

One of the audiences, Nik Nur Syahidah shared about her understanding regarding the special characteristics of Al-Quran.

“Al-Quran is not only a history but there is a miracle in it where all the chapters in the Quran are related to one another, and also it could awaken our souls when we read it,” she told the audiences.

“Alhamdulillah, the programme goes on well even though there are some problems of commitment by the committee members before the programmes start, but at the end we managed to encounter that,” said its programme manager, Ahmad Ashraf Ahmad Suhaimi.

The hall was unexpectedly fully packed with the audiences, despite another big event being held on the same night. ***

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