“Tree Planting 1.0” to create awareness towards greener environment

By Alya Nadiah 

GOMBAK, 17 November 2017 – To highlight the significance of trees in our environment and to raise awareness among the IIUM community regarding nature, the tree planting 1.0 took place at the Kulliyah of Economic and Management Sciences (KENM) today.

Organised by IIUM Eco Club, the event was enlivened by the presence of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Restaurant Nelayan Gombak, Mohammad Faris, and Assoc. Professor Dr. Mohd Ramzi Mohammad Hussain of KENM.

In her speech officiating the event, Professor Dr. Wan Jamaliah Wan Jusoh of KENM said, “We need to know that trees are the only Allah’s creation that provide oxygen for us while all other creations utilise the oxygen.”

“Trees also provide foods and shades for us, if we want to cook tomyam, without lime and other ingredients from trees, the tomyam is not going to taste good,” she added.

Meanwhile, the President of Eco Club, Adam Muhd Kamal said that “trees are really important to us not just because they are part from the ecosystem, but they also produce oxygen and many other benefits that cannot be discovered yet by our limited knowledge”.

He said men and environment complement each other as the green reduces the heat that affects us through evaporative cooling and reduces the amount of sunlight that directly reaches parking lots and buildings.

After the speech by Professor Wan Jamaliah, the planting tree activity took place around the Kulliyyah where participants were given the chance to plant trees with their own hands monitored by Daya Bersih.

The tree planting activity started with Dr. Wan Jamaliah planting the first tree followed by Mohammad Faris and Dr. Mohd Ramzi.

Later it continued with participants planting their trees in a group of three people. ***

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