Wide opportunity available for students to excel, say Communication Best Students

By Najmi Mamat

GOMBAK, 15 November 2017: “Once-in-a-lifetime experience” is the best phrase to describe the four-year encounter two award winners from the Department of Communication went through during their student days at the university, as such, they felt that their juniors should take advantage of all available facilities to excel in their knowledge and skills.

Muhammad ‘Izzud Deen and Zulhamka Rosli, both 24, who both received Best Students’ Award (HAMKA Award) at Kulliyyah level during the recent convocation ceremony, agreed that the facilities offered by Communication Department have given them useful platforms to equip themselves with the right skills and knowledge to enter the industry.

Our university graduates certainly have the advantage in terms of language and communication skills, Izzud Deen said. But still, he added, “We need to prove ourselves in the market as there is stiff competition from among other university graduates as well.”

Meanwhile, Zulhamka Rosli said students who take advantage of the various platforms available at the university definitely stand to benefit from their journalism, broadcasting and public relations experiences that would propel them to go further in their career.

“I believe if students joined those platforms, such as IIUM.fm, IIUMToday, IPRMSA (Institute of Relations Malaysia Student Association), they would know in advance and get well-prepared with professional skills. These skills will be useful later on during their job interview and career seeking.”

“It is definitely an added value for candidates attending job interview,” he added.

When it comes to participation in students’ society, the real issue was time management which must be handled properly. They admitted that the ability in managing time, undoubtedly, would shape an individual to become more disciplined with their tasks and commitment.

“Being occupied with a lot of tasks in student’s society as well as assignments is just about how you manage your time accordingly. In fact, the pressure itself will urge you to become stronger and committed.”

Asked on tips on how to be excellent in both study and co-curriculum activities, they said study in a group did assist them prior to sitting for final examination.

Being active in other student societies, ‘Izzud Deen and Zulhamka, advised students, “No matter how much commitments with co-curriculum activities, students must remember to give studying its importance.”

“We must put study as number one priority in the list but it should be in line with the goal. Having an intention to make your parents proud with your success is considered most important dream,” ‘Izzud Deen said.

He personally thought that the subjects offered in Communication are not that difficult, but it was really challenging in the sense that students would have to work very hard and give their full commitment.

‘Izzud Deen reminded students to always consult with their lecturers, if they found difficulties in understanding the subject taught or lectured. However, he also advised students not to take things for granted with the introduction courses.

He admitted that the real world in career for fresh graduates is a bit effortful in order to survive at the very beginning. However, it may become plain sailing once they have acquired enough experience.

“Negotiation and persuasion skills are important traits in graduates employers are looking for. Also, as Islamic university graduates, we must be able to portray the best virtues with everyone in the job industry,” ‘Izzud Deen said.

Zulhamka advised students to put their best in university life as it means a lot not only to parents, but also for themselves.

“Those who are still struggling and striving in studies and life, should remember that you don’t have to be outstanding in everyone’s eyes. Just do it for your parents and for yourself.

It’s okay if our grade is enough to just graduate, as long as we complete our course,” Zulhamka added.

Both Zulhamka Rosli and ‘Izzud Deen were pioneers of IIUMToday online team when the portal was set up in April 2014.

Zulhamka is currently with Johor Corp handling Public Relations, while ‘Izzud Deen is looking for an opportunity to pursue his studies at master’s level, after completing his tasks at PETRONAS.

HAMKA Award is conferred to anyone who excelled in their study as well as their significant contributions to the students’ societies in Communication Department.  ***


Najmi Mamat

Najmi Mamat, or Najmi Syahiran Mamat is a Journalism student, who is working as Senior Journalist at IIUMToday (university news portal) and currently being in the position of Managing Editor. Besides having a position as a news anchor at its bulletin production, he is actively participating in theater performances and in love with photography as well as travelling and vlogging. He works as a part-timer of event emcee too. Travel. Student. Notebook.

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